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UPDATE FROM LORI- DEC 2014.  GET MAMMOGRAMS! I was diagnosed with breast cancer after my 1st mammogram at 53 years old. Yes I am getting older & finally going through menopause where I have not had any endo problems for a few years! Praise God for that! 

This is the only page i am updating lately...RE: Breast Cancer & endometriosis. 

We used to talk about this on the forum & I never thought it would happen to me! Us endo girls seemed to always have hormonal problems. There is a hormonal link to endometriosis. Also not getting pregnant nor breast feeding is also a culprit as both help the health of our breasts... PLEASE read! Please go nontoxic and organic in what you eat & all of your products you use daily...! So much to write about! I slacked off for years after running this site, got diagnosed with breast cancer..stage 1C- Jan 2014. I am back to seeing a naturopathic doctor who amped up my immune system. It is so needed for all of us! I truly do believe that I would have been worse off if I did not do my prior health routine. My surgeon thought I had the tumor 7 years! I had invasive breast cancer and dcis in the left breast, no lymph node involvement.. I do believe us endo girls are way more sensitive..I am doing great...feeling great after switching back to my manic health routine. It is worth it all to be alive and to feel good!

In my case I believe the breast cancer came from all the years of excess estrogen. The breast cancer was Estrogen & Progesterone positive..fueled by estrogen just like the endo was...really so much to write...but I have a job & family and managing my health etc..If you want to call me about anything, please do as I love to talk on the phone instead of write. My cell phone is 951.  206 five nine seven two. Please no solicitations! 

I eat all organic, take vitamins, eat green smoothies, had lumpectomy surgery & radiation. My MD dr suggested chemo, but I knew that chemo would ruin my immune system or kill me. (Yes some are cured with chemo, but some die, I am not here to judge what anyone should do but please pray, pray, pray and please also do nutrition to the max! ! ) I just know I could not do chemo, as I am super sensitive! I prayed & insisted to the oncologist that she send in for a test I found out about thanks to the LORD! It is called ONCO TYPE DX. When the results came, it showed the chemo, which was suggested to me strongly would not have any benefit! Ok, so I could have ruined my health, got pneumonia possibly etc...and maybe died...& the chemo would not have helped me with the cancer? :( yikes! Also after all the stress of dr appts, radiation, surgery, colonoscopy, checking all my body for cancer which yes was needed, but I was really heart went into atrial fibrillation & I had to go to the hospitol. I just know it was from all the stress & medicine in me...I do listen to my body and I just had it with all the stress of it all. I really know what chemo would have done to me and also I did have fear of not taking tamoxifan!!(I am too sensitive! ) I hope & pray that I do not have a reoccurrence and I do believe with everything I do, it should not come back. All glory to Jesus! Anyways I am great now..getting my life & health back & am thankful as God was with me through it all! :)

These are the health, non toxic cleaning, vitamins etc... products that help me and other products I use for my life.  I ran this site for 7 years without any advertising...and now 14 years later decided to put affiliate links to show you specifically what I purchase... I get a small commission, so please if you can, order through these links. 

My naturopathic Dr.
I researched many products here:

Prayer & bible reading to come up with a plan. 
Definitive guide to cancer (book)
Reading about people who are alive after cancer & what they did..
The truth about cancer (web)
Chris beat cancer(web & facebook replies)

Past info on this endo club website in remembering who got helped/healed/better or at least spiritually/mentally better..

I WILL UPDATE as I have time as I buy so many health products!

I use amazon prime for movies, music, free shipping on all my products, books etc...

I do kindle reading too! :) I am an amazon junkie huh!
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