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Let all who take refuge in you be glad;
let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them,
that those who love your name may rejoice in you.
For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous;
you surround them with your favor as with a shield.
Psalm 5:11-12


Let us pray for all of our prayer club members: Abbie L,Adaeze O,Alicia M,Alice T,Alisha,Alison W,Amanda C,Amber F,Amy B,Amy H,Amy K,Amy W,Andrea S,Angela C,Anita C,Anita S,Anita S,Arlene F,Aurora Jane M,Beth,Bethany K,Brenda F,Bs,Carly S,Carrie H,Caryn B,Cat H,Cathi,Catharine O,Cecilia J,Chokkalingham R,Christina D,Christina G, Christina J,Cynthia,Dana T,Darlene M,Dawn S,Dawn W,Debra K,Dianne,Diane M,Diana W,Dianne C,Diana G,Dinesha M,Ebony A,Elaine M, Elisabeth F,Erin P,Evelyn A,Esther L,Gabriel E,Gale S,Gita S,Gwen T,Helen O,Hillary J,Hope L, Ivonne J, Isylma P. Jamie S,Janae C,Janice A,Javed I,Jen,Jen H,Jenny B,Jenny D,Jenniffer S,Jennifer W,Jessica,Jill Mary,Jolene H,Julie,Julie C,Jolene H,Joyce S,Kami B,Kate E,Kathleen S,Kellie G,Kendall B,Kimberly I,Kobab,Kristen D,Lainy J,Laura C,Lanelle B,Laurel S,Lauren,Leslie W,Lida K,Lisa S,Liz A,Lori C,Lynette M, Majella M. Mandy R,Marita D,Margaret M,Margarette C,Marie M,Maria O,Maureen M,Mel W,Melissa P,Melanie H,Melissa S,Melisha B,Mitta R,Michelle B,Michelle L,Michelle S,Mildred P,Mindy W,Mindy,Miriam C,Misty M,Miya J,Monica B,Nuareen Z,Nesha T,Nena M,Nettie T, Nerinder Kaur N ,Nichole D,Nichole S,Nikke C,Nina L,Paige N,Paige O,Pam J,Pam O,Pamela J,Patricia D,Portia Y,Pushpa R,Rachel O,Rachelle K,Ramona S,Renee,Rita M, R,Robin,Rosangela S,Roxy V,Sandi D,Sarah B,Sarah M,Sarah P,Shani F,Shannon S,Sharon P,Sharon W,Sherry B,Sherrie K,Sherri T,Sarah P,Shelly,Shelley C,Sherrie K,Sive B,Sonia D,Stacie C,Stacie M,Stacy C,Sue W,Susie,Suzanne W,Suzette K,Tabitha J,Tammy C,Tammy G,Tammy K,Tasha H,Terri C,Teyshana W,Tia N,Tish L,Toni B,Tracie M,Tracy S,Tracy T,Usha J,Velindica,Vanessa H,Vicky M,Vinny,Veni T,Yvonne N.

December 2006

Kellie G. Please pray for me. After 3 surgeries and 6 months on Lupron, I'm still in pain from the endometriosis I was diagnosed with 4 years ago.  I have been trying to conceive since my wedding in June 2005 and recently started fertility medication, which I had to stop after 4 months because it was making me really sick and I couldn't take it on top of my daily pain.

Amanda C. After having surgery to remove Stage 2 Endo, I am still in pain. I have extreme pain when I ovulate and every month when my cycle starts. Please pray that I can find an end to my physical pain and the emotional pain of not being able to conceive a second child after 3 years of trying. God bless all of you! ACupples@LIMACITYSCHOOLS.ORG
Dawn M. Hi, Iíve been suffering with endometriosis and reoccurring endometriomas. I had an operation for both this past April. We are now trying to conceive a baby and just found out another endometrioma has grown back on my right ovary. Itís still small at 2.4 cm but Iím in need to Godís help to allow me to conceive the baby we so desperately desire. Iíve suffered so much already and just hope for a miracle. Thanks and God Bless to all who can hear me.
Lori C. Please pray that my blood sugar/insulin problem gets cured.
Ivonne J. I would like for someone to pray for me. I have suffered for about 17 years. With different surgeries and taken all types of medicines. I think God is the only one who can help me. Please pray for me.
Jennifer S. Please pray that I am able to receive relief from the emotional and physical pain of endometriosis. Pray that I receive the coping techniques and strength necessary to deal with the pain. Pray that God gives my family and friends the ability to be supportive and help me through the hard times.
Melanie H. I am 27 and suffering with Endo. I have done all the medications and so on. God blessed me and gave me two wonderful kids. My oldest Kimberly just turned two and my youngest is 4 months. I am preparing for a hysterectomy. I have prayed about it and talked to my husband and feel for quality of life it is the best thing. I am happy that with my decision to do this, but it is scary. Pray that God will calm my nerves and make this an easy time for me.
Isylma P. Hi Ladies I'm new here, but I really need your prayers. I will be having my 2nd laparoscopy in less than 1 year. I am only 20 years old and have had endo since I was 18. This has really put a stop to my life, work, and school. I just would like for everything to get just a bit easier. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as you will all be in mine.
Hope L.  Please pray for me I have Endo and I am in pain a lot. I had surgery in February and I was on Lupron also, but it did not help. I was also told that my tubes were blocked and it would be impossible for me to get pregnant. It is heartbreaking.
Amanda C. I have had endometriosis for 7 years, and am now trying to get pregnant with no success.  I am 23.  Please pray for me!
Majella M. Hello my name is Majella from Ireland. Iíve suffered with for 18 years, so I know what ye are all going through. 10 years ago I had major surgery to remove the endo, but its back now with severity again. I have to have more surgery next month and Iím very worried. I also have ovarian cysts which are very painful. Could you please pray for me as I will for ye all. God bless.
Toni B. I am requesting prayer as to what to do now. I am five weeks recovering from hysterectomy from endo, (leaving one ovary), and I have recovered from the surgery, but still have my pain from the endo. I haven't even shared this with my family because I feel embarrassed from having major surgery and being right back where I stared from.  Please pray for me, a healing prayer.  I need God's will to be a complete healing for me. Please pray that it is.  Thank you.
Nerinder Kaur N. I'm an endometriosis patient. Been diagnosed 2 Ĺ half years back. Was hospitalized for 2 weeks and just got discharge 2 days back. I Am feeling very sad since my disease is spreading now and Iím under observation because a surgery will be done soon so am really suffering from pains and mental stress. I am not scared, but has accepted life s it is. By the way I am only 27 years old and was 25 when diagnosed. But now I really feel sick and lost weight because I canít eat nor sleep and now am taking medication like frizium to calm myself. I am very disturbed since my family has CA history.  I understand that later is the worst 2 face. I just need more info about this disease so that I know whatís happening to me. I am glad that I found this club. Nereen_007@YAHOO.COM
Christina G. I'm 37 and suffered for years of the pain and bleeding and the crying and moods controlling my life. I have no social life and itís putting a strain on my kids and my marriage. I thought it was normal every woman had this symptoms while on there cycle till I couldnít take it anymore as of this year I finally went to see a doctor and a lot of ignoring and stringing me along.  Iím not on any hormones or prescribed pain relievers. Iím told to take midol. I was put on lupron injections for 3 months which was a miracle for me the knife twisting pain stopped and the heavy bleeding and I didnít feel like I was going to kill anybody and the doctors here in California Palmdale took me off .  They said for endo, youíre only on the injections for 3 months. After a lot of complaints from me and several calls to my doctor, there finally going to do a laparoscopy and I have an appt with my doctor November 2nd.  I ask please for everyone to pray for me and keep me in their thoughts.
Dinesha M. I 'm suffering from endometriosis. I want to recover from this disease and also have a baby very early.

OCT 2006


 Suzette K. I had a scope in April and was diagnosed with endo I still have to go back for laporotomy in December and hope to be on a fertility program soon after that, however I still have abdominal pains. Is there any of you ladies who has God blessed with a young one? Please pray for me. Be Blessed  

Jennifer W

 Gwen T. I am having a hysterectomy in Nov. 06 because of severe endometriosis.  Pray that my organs are not damaged during the surgery.  They are concerned about my bowels as they are attached to my uterus.  Also, for courage, strength and quick healing.  Thank you.

 Shelly Please pray for the salvation of my husband Armen, and my father-n-law Edward who is dieing from cancer, and ask the lord to help me deal with all the pain and affects of endo and if it is his will to heal me. Thank you gby.

 Nancy T

 Dawn S I need some contact with women who are suffering daily pain from endo.  I only know one person with it and she has no pain and she is not a Christian, so I have no one who knows my situation.  Hubby is great and supportive, but only understands so much.

 Marie M. I have been dealing with endo for about 4 yrs and I have went through 1 surgery and now am starting a 2nd treatment of lupron. I am so tired of the struggle and now I am dealing with so many physical things that I don't understand and I am just plain tired of making excuses to everyone of why I don't feel like doing so many things. It's getting difficult to deal with day to day things and trying to work long hours and I am stressed out all the time. I need God's strength because I have none left.

Jenny D. Basically, my GP (MD) would like to see me in hospital asap (as soon as possible) for a change in antidepressant medication.  The problem is finding the right hospital (with a bed available) and the right psychiatrist to look after me.  While there is a part of me that doesnít want to go to hospital, there is a part of me that does.  I need help with my depression Ė the right help in the right place with the right doctor.   God is the only one who knows the answers to all of that, please pray that He reveals it and that I can wait for His timing.Thank you,

Laura C. Please pray I may be less afraid of my endo, and that I can find  ways to understand it and deal with it without panic. Please pray that I can find professionals who understand endo and can really help me.
Please pray that I can make the adjustments in my life so that I can live a full life.

 Jenny B. My faith that God will heal my gyno problems is failing, as I've suffered though endo and painful cysts for more than 2 years now.  I've had numerous friends and family pray for me, and have studied healing scriptures, but as soon as the pain starts again, I crumble.  I know first-hand the power God has to heal, but this has gone on so long, I've lost hope.   I have lost most of my friends, as they have trouble watching my struggle for faith. 

 Mittah R. My Dr. says I am at stage four now & I am married now, I try to get pregnant & I do not have children. 

Sept 2006

Amy K. May God bless you all and keep you today.  May he give you comfort on your days of pain, strength when you are weary and hope when you are down.

Liz A. Hi, my Endo pain has flared up bad the last three days.  I am so discouraged because it disappeared for many months and now has returned.  It becomes so hard to function in a normal day with cramps and pain extending to the sides of abdomen (liver, gallbladder area). I am looking into natural ways of healing.  So glad I found your web page that gave me more info and knowledge.   The lord is a part of my life and did answer my prayers for healing, but now the pain is back; and I am getting desperate for help.   I will pray also for all the women that deal with this disease connected to this endo club.  Thanks for your prayers and support.
Bs  I am 25 and about 2 yrs ago I began experiencing severe pain in lower back and abdomen along with IBS. A series of medical tests and endless visits to gynecologists and gastroenterologists yielded nothing...only frustration and anxiety.  I haven't found any relief and resort to pain-killers when the pain is unbearable. the worst repercussion is painful intercourse due to which I also went thru failure in love...I am just about managing to stay focused in my career....visiting this site has been a blessing...I feel Iím not alone in that there are ways by which I can possibly help myself....please pray for me that I get a grip on my condition ....I, myself, sincerely pray to God for all those like me. May God bless all endo-sufferers with less painful days, happy relationships, good health and heaps of love.

Diane M. I pray for the restoration of my marriage. May God touch my husband's heart and change his heart on divorce. May He help him open his heart and eyes to see that our marriage is not meant to be destroyed by divorce, rather is fixable if we work together. May the Holy Spirit guide my husband on his journey back home and may he release all his anger so that he can forgive both of us for all the wrongdoings we had done against each other and repent to the Lord. May he also ask God's help to show him the right way for us. May he also be given strength to defy and stand up against all the temptation surrounding him that will further his sins against man, our marriage and especially God. Please bless all the people involve in this marriage as well as other hurting marriages that we may all work together to rebuilt our marriages and value them instead of succumbing to the easy way to doom- which is marriage. May we all bind to save each marriage rather than promote to end it. 

Diane I pray for the restoration of all hurting marriage. I pray for all prodigals like my husband to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit that their actions are sins and destructive. May the Lord ease their anger and blindness that they will repent and return home to their spouses. May the Lord also give standers like me the courage and strength to wait until our spouses comes home. And may God also change our ways that we may serve Him better. I pray that the people around us would realize that divorce is never the answer to any kind of marital problems. May all spouses be enlightened that their vows are for life and that they need to be honored.  God hates divorce! It is an epidemic that breaks the holiness of marriage.

Shelly  Please pray for the salvation of my husband Armen, and my father-n-law Edward, who is dieing from cancer, and ask the lord to help me deal with all the pain and affects of endo and if it is his will to heal me. Thank you GBY.

 Lisa S. Hello. I am 37yrs old and have been diagnosed with endo. I have already had a hysterectomy at age 35. The Dr. left my ovaries at that time. Since then I have had a cyst to rupture on an ovary and they seem to think the endo has come back. I go for laparoscopic surgery on Aug. 22nd. I am so tired of the pain and hope that they can maybe laser some of it away. The Dr. also said I might have to take a medication for six months. I feel for any woman that has this terrible disease. Seems it does take up a lot of your life between the pain and fatigue. I wonder does anyone else have lower back pain and leg pain? Just curious about that. But I would appreciate any prayers that you might have out there. My thoughts and prayers are with all the women suffering from this also. God Bless.

Debra K. I have endometriosis and donít know how to cope with it. I get laser therapy in September, so fingers crossed that all goes well.
Kokab Please pray for unknown prayer needs for Kokab.

Maureen M. I am having a lap done on 8/16/06.  My prayer request is that God watches over me and my family.  Thank you

 Tracy S. I have had endo for about two years. I recently got married and moved (husband in military) away from my family. My husband is being so patient with me throughout and we are going to pray for strength to start this new diet. Hopefully between this diet and God's never ending love, I will start to feel better soon! Please pray for strength :)

 Amber F.  I am praying about seeking treatment at the CEC, I am praying that if this is God's plan he will open that door for me. I am desperate for relief from relentless pain associated with this disease.
Melisha B. Well the first thing that comes to mind is pain, this pain is unbearable, please help.


Alice T.  Hi Dear. When I read your article on the endo problem, I now realize I really need prayer to help me conquer my fear.  I never realize that was what was worrying me until when I visit your site. Please pray for me, I hope and pray to have my own children because it is living in hell without a child of your own. I would like to join the group, so that we can pray for each other.  I am a Nigeria, hope you don't mind. *sorry for my bad English I hope you understand me better.

God Forgive us
Bless and Guide us
Cleanse us with your Precious Blood
Bless everyone with our heart desires

-I lift my eyes unto the mountains where will my help come from? My name is Alice, am 26 yrs old, and my Birthday day will be 30th July 2006 and I want to find the fullness joy in it, this time. I am married for some few years now and I live with pains and a heart filled of sorrow. Am making this request known to God and to you all that I want God in His Infinity Mercy to heal me of any kind of disease be it whatsoever Endo, PID any kind of diseases, God should heal me and bless me with the fruit of the womb before the end of this 2006.  I want to testified, to God goodness in my life. And in the life others that are praying for the fruit of the womb. I  ask this from the Lord so that, I can know what the joy of been married means not living in pain and uncertainty. God should me help, give my husband the spirit of divine courage, love and understanding during this trying moment of our lives.

 Sherri T.  I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago because of endometriosis. I fear that it has come back again. I am experiencing pain lower left pelvic region and pressure pain on my rectum. I am requesting prayer and I know God directed me to this site. Thank you.

 Vicky M.  I'm still having tests, but my Dr's are sure I have Endo. Please pray that I can get a result soon and some treatment as I canít cope with the pain any longer. Thank you

Christina D. Please pray for me. I also have gyno problems and have been in and out of hospital over the years, but always try of look on the bright side.

 Alison M.  I have not been here in a while, but have been continuing to pray for all women dealing with endo. I am recently married, and we have been TTC for 3 months. My doc. put me on clomid for month 2 and my progesterone level was at 43, which he says is quite high. Still no luck with pregnancy, but both my husband and I would like prayer. I am a fairly new Christian, and this is the first time I have had to really believe that I do not have control. It has been hard, but I am continuing to pray all the time. If anyone has any helpful word, please feel free to let us know. Thank you all and God Bless. 


 Gita S. Hello ladies, I am asking for your prayers for tomorrow.  I have been on the infertility rollercoaster for 4 yrs.   My stage three Endo has prevented me from getting pregnant.  I have an ivf transfer of embryos tomorrow and am really excited, yet apprehensive.  I know that in God all things are possible but, I feel as though I haven't lived up to his expectations.  I pray He hasn't given up on me.  Please pray for me ladies.  I feel so desperate.

 Amanda C.  I have been recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Endo. I have most of my pain when I ovulate. We have also been trying, without success to conceive for the last 2 1/2 years. Please pray for my physical pain and for my husband and I to overcome infertility and get pregnant now that the endo has been removed. 

 Beth  I thank God for leading me to this site.  It has been so wonderful to share joys and concerns with other sisters in Christ.  I have one prayer request I have a hysterectomy scheduled for the first week in August.  I need to decide whether or not cancel by the end of this week.  I am trying Fibrovan but would need to quit 2 weeks before surgery if I go ahead with the hyst. I can't help but feel that God led me here to this site.  Maybe to have me try a more natural approach to this fibroid problem.  I have found myself already praying for the girls in the forums and checking on them via e-mail.  I feel like I know so many of you already.  Thanks and God Bless.

 Jenny D Please pray for me.  I had endo surgery one month ago, and the pain has not reduced.  I have my period now, and am taking lots of painkillers.  I am now seeking the advice of my GP (MD) on whether to use the cream or go on the Pill.  My gyno says a hysterectomy may not help the pain anyway.  I now have to have surgery (in hospital in a week's time) on my toe for an ingrown nail that will not heal.  I have to see a new psychiatrist to have my depression medication changed.  Everything costs money, which I do not have.  I haven't been able to work for 2 1/2 years.  Everything is piling on top one thing after another.  Each day is a battle.  I don't know what to do, and I just want it all to end.

June 2006:
Renee R. I come asking for prayer due to feeling at my last. I have thought about giving up on life at times lately. I have days when I take my anger out on others cause I donít know how to deal with the pain of my health problems. I have severe endometriosis, pelvic congestions syndrome and bad back pain in my lower back as a result of all of this. Doctors have told me that I will need to have a hysterectomy but I am too young to have one right now. I only have one child and I will be turning 25 next weeks. I have been to 3 different doctors who have all performed a surgical procedure. The last two were unsuccessful in freeing me from pain. I have also tried, birth control, Lupron, progesterone cream, Noni juice, and my eating habits.  I donít know where else to turn now. I no longer live like a young woman would live daily. Small things are no longer able to be done by me.  I am emotionally and physically drained daily. I donít sleep at night anymore. When I wake up for work I am to tired and in pain so I end up calling in. This has been my issue for the last 2 weeks. I have exhausted all my medical leave time. I am afraid of loosing my job. I need my insurance benefits so that I can find doctors to help me with this disease and to manage my pain. I have a 5-year-old son who depends on me and finances to care for him. Please pray for me. Please pray for my job to be saved. Please pray that I may return to work in the morning and be able to tolerate my pain. I am starting to loose friends and love ones because no one understands what I am going through daily. I have been angry and then there are days where I understand that I am going through this for a reason. I need prayer to stand strong in faith. I ask that you pray that I control my anger on my worst days. I have a dream to go to college and become a nurse. I havenít been able to work so that I may pay for my course and a previous balance with the local college. This brings me so down cause I have been putting my college education on hold for the last 2 years that I have been dealing with my disease. I have worked with my company for over 2 years and I donít want to loose all my hard working skills and accomplishments because of my illness. I ask that you just pray for me to make it through all of these things. I have been reading my bible and trying to understand Gods word. I have been coming to the site for about less than a week and trying to find guidance and spiritual help. Thank you.

Michelle S.

Nina L. Hello, I have finally found a specialist and they are located in Atlanta, GA at the CEC center and my surgery is for July 7th and asking for prayer for doctor(s) are able to find every bit of the endo and get it out. And that Jesus will give them this ability and will be in the mist of the surgery room and over each doctor.

Sive B Tomorrow morning I attend the hospital for a laparoscopy.  I am nervous about the procedure, as I have never been under anesthetic before.  I would really value your prayers for peace & calm, as I know that ultimately God is in control.  Your website is a fantastic idea & a real encouragement......thank you, Sive <><

May 2006:

Jenny D. I have rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis and major depression. I am facing further surgery for the endometriosis (including bowel surgery, 'cos there is an adhesion between the uterus and the bowel and may be more endo there). I am facing major medical costs and have been unable to work for 2 years. My faith is nearly non-existent and I have no one to support me. I have made several suicide attempts in the last 6 months. Please pray for me. Thank you.
------I am waiting to have the same surgery Belinda mentioned - with the gynaecologist and a bowel surgeon. I am just waiting on the date. Please pray for me - I am concerned about recovery from the operation, as I have no one to look out for or look after me. My depression (which I had for many years before endo) is worsening.
------Jenny D. Please pray for my depression. I had it even before I had endo. I spend a lot of time in bed, and a LOT of time crying. It is hard to go out or do anything. There are many times when I just want to die. The medication I am on for it is not helping (and I keep telling the doctors that!). I've even had ECT treatment for it in the past - something I won't repeat, even though it helped for a short time. I don't know what to do. I am thankful to God for leading me to this website - I don't know what I'd do without it now!

Cynthia I have much scar tissue from my surgery's and have obstruction in my colon form it.  The blockage in my colon is causing a host of other issues.  I too pray that this can be healed without having to  have any more surgeries and God would direct me to the right people or products to help me as well as money so I can somehow finance it. In Gods name I pray, Cynthia

Dana T. That I get some kind of relief and to all the people on here get better and can live life. GOD bless you all.

Bethany K. I have suvier(sorry misspelled) endometriosis. I have extreme pain everyday. My body does not respond to hormone therapy. They have started me on Breast Cancer drugs for extreme suppression and we are praying that my body will respond. The pain is completely overwhelming. I find myself feeling like I can't take much more. Please pray for me. I pray everyday, and have complete faith in the Lord that he will take care of my needs,......I'm just exhausted at this point. I would love to speak with anyone who shares my feelings. Thank-you for your prayers! In Him.

Ebony A. I would like prayer for my overall health to improve, for me to get pregnant with the 2nd child I long for, and for me to find overall peace, contentment, and happiness for me and my family.

Mindy  I am 27 yrs old and have been dealing with pain for 7 yrs. I was blessed to find this site and can't wait to see what God has for me to discover from this resource. Thank God people are turning to Him during these times.

Vanessa H. I do not know where to begin. I have been suffering from pelvic pain for some seven years now. I have been able to find no relief as yet. I have had a laporoscopy down in 2003 in which is was told I had fibriods. After that the pain subsided for awhile, but then came back shortly. It was recommended that i had another surgery done to remove the fibroids, but I opted to get a second opinion from another doctor. He did some scans and told me I had endometriosis. Then he told me that he would also need to preform surgery to correct the problem. Of course I was very skeptical and wanted to avoid surgery at all cost. Its been about three years later and I still have found no relief. I want so desperately for this pain to go away, and to be able to have children, the natural way. Please pray for me and others that we may find relief and defeat this disease for good.

Alisha Please keep me in your prayers. I am afraid that the endometriosis has come back and the doctors I have seen are not listening to my concerns. I do have a cystoscopy scheduled for this week due to bladder problems I am also having. I never had bladder problems, until I had a miscarriage a few months ago. It is one thing to deal with the infertility and it is another thing when you feel that your health is deteriorating. Please keep me in your prayers that I get better and the doctor finds answers.

Nettie T. Please pray that the Lord will dierect all of my paths, but at the same time I will Love him and trust in Him with all my heart.

Shelley C.  Help me get through my illness and find the strength I need to cope with infertility.

Arlene F. Hi, I am Arlene, and I will be having surgery on the 1st of June '06 and I am scared, it's a laparoscopy to proceed to laparotomy. My Prayer request is for courage for myself, and guidance from God for my Doctor. I just want to have a successful one. Thank you.

April 2006:

Tammy  K.

PRAISE Mindy W.  I joined the endo club before my first surgery in 2004. The first was not very succesful, but the second one across the country at the Center for Womens Care in Atlanta was an answered prayer. I was at my wits end. We had had a miscarriage. I was in so much pain I could hardly even take care of the miracle girl we already had. My prayer then was that if just the pain could be taken care of with the surgery I would be happy. I had learned to submit to God's will through all of this, and was willing to live whatever life He had for me whether it was how I thought it should be or not. There has been so much He has taught me through this. Anyway, the surgery in Atlanta was much more thorough. I felt so much better. Praise the Lord. We conceived and miscarried again, but this time I felt so close to God. He comforted us and gave us a "peace which passes all understanding". Three months later we conceived again and now I am 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. All glory to Him!!! Thank you God for the Awesome ways that you walk with us and reveal yourself to us.-

Mel W. Please pray for me. I am 23 and have suffered with endo for 10 years. I have had surgery, tried many forms of treatment and at the moment still suffering badly. I have a specialist appointment next tues and would value your prayers for which path to take next.

Lainy J. - Please pray for me to have strength, and to listen to how God wants me to deal with my sickness. Also please pray my lap isn't two years away like I have been told. Praise God, He is so incredible!!

Brenda F. I am 18. We have no insurance. How canI make it without it for treatments, till God heals me.

Dawn M. I have been diagnosed with a 10 cm endometrioma. Some Drs. suggest pregnancy and some sugest surgery. I am so very confused and dishearted because we wanted to try and get pregnant next month. The newest Dr. said I have two weeks to decide for surgery and she added in that miracles do happen and if the cyst shrinks during these two weeks maybe surgery wont be necessary. Im looking to God to help me and I ask of all who read this for your prayers for a miracle for me. Please may this endometrioma miraculously disappear and allow me to have the baby I have dreampt of my whole life . Thank you to all who have cared enough to read my plea and know I too have prayed for all the women on this list. God Bless and be with us all...

Cecilia J. I'm 37 yrs. old & I haven't been able to have any children. At the age of 13 it was my very first time I started my period. I was regular for the first three years, then I started skipping months after that. My period would start every three months, six months, one year and so on until now it's been more than three years. I've been to the gynecologist & supposively they diagnosed that I have PCO. It stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. That I have multiple small cysts on both of my ovaries and I've gained so much weight especially from my stomach that my family & friends say that I don't look fat that I look swollen when I was a skinny person. I've produced alot of facial hairs, on my chin, side burns, mustache & breast. I get very depressed & cry too. I ask God why did this have to happen to me? I have 5 sisters & they all have kids. I'm the fourth to the youngest. What can I do?

Lida K. I want to get pregnant so much, my Dr. said it is the only way that can cure endometriosos.  I have known for 4 years. I want a child of my own so much!

Sharon P. Please pray for my mum. She is nearly through the menopause however her endo has flared up. She has severe back pain. She can't sit or bend. She stiffens up completely. Please pray that she gets better again very soon.

Julie C.  Please help those around me see that i am not a headcase; that this disease is immensley painful and reoccuring, despite multiple sugeries and hormone therapy. Give me the strength I need to continue on with some quality of life for the sake of my children and those around me who care.

Pushpa R.- Please pray for Rajan and Pushpa to be filled with divine love for each other according to John 3:16. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Ramona S. I have been battling to fall pregnant for 1year and 6 months already. I have not been diagnosed fully yet with endometriosis, but my GP suspects this and I have an appointment with a specialist in 1 weeks time. Please say a prayer for me in my battle to fall pregnant. I pray for all the women who share the same battle and frustration with me.

Darlene M. Please God above watch over me and bless me while I have my hyst on monday and forgive me for never having life, life I wished for, for so long. Forgive me of all my sins I have commited in my life and bless everyone else with endo that has problems like mine. Send us an angel to watch over our souls and follow us through our days of trouble.

March 2006

3-2006 Yvonne N. I would like to please ask you all to pray for my daughter, Nicole, an endo sufferer who wants to get pregnant. She has been trying for 9 months with no success, but nothing is impossible for the Lord. Thanks and bless you all.

3-2006 Jen H. I need help with the depression and frustration I am feeling with this disease, as well as with the pain, which has caused total upheaval in my life.

3-2006 Helen O.  I am already a member of the Endo club, but I want to make a special prayer request. I am embarking on IVF treatment and want you to assist me pray for the success of the program. As I was told that medically, this is the only option I have. Please pray specifically for me.

3-2006 Kellie G. Please pray for me emotionally and physically as I am feeling more pain since my last surgery.

3-2006 Gayle S. I was diagnosed with endo about 2 yrs. ago without the surgery. I have to have the surgery this month to find out why I have so much pain. I know God is with me and will take care of me. If you have time send a prayer up for me. If you let me know you need prayer I will pray for you. Thank you for your time and God bless all of you.

3-2006 Sara  B. Hello my name is Sara. I'm 24 years old and suffering from endo. I want more then anything in this world to have a child of my own. Right now I pray one day I will be able to hold a little baby of my own, but right now things are not looking so hot. It's in God's hands now because in him all things are possible!

3-2006 Andrea  S. Hey Guys! It has been awhile since I have asked for prayers, but I have been faced with many life changing issues in my life lately. I am facing infertility. It has taken toll on my emotions. It has always been my dream to have children. I have had many pressures from family and it is not easy. I need strength to pull through these emotions, while I fight with my body daily. Please pray for me, as I pray for you. Only God and prayers can get me through this trial in my life. May these tears become tears of joy and no longer sorrow. Thanks again. Love, Andrea

3-2006 Evelyn A. It is so comforting to have come across your site and I bless God for giving you such an inspiration. I suffer from endo and need God's mercy and mighty healing hands upon me. Thanks God bless

3-2006 Elisabeth F. I just found this site today. I went in to the hospital on Feb 6, 2006 with severe abdominal pain, the doctors thought that it was my appendix. Before having the surgery the surgeon told me that there was a 10% chance that they remove my appendix and that is not the problem. Well, it wasn't the problem. The gynecologist figures I have endometriosis. I just turned 25, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 months now. It scared me when the gynecologist came in to see me and told me. I didn't know what to do. It didn't help when my mum was on the other side of the world at the time. I just had a hysterosalpingogram and things are looking up. My fallopian tubes are clear and my gyn says that I have a good chance of getting pregnant now. If I don't get pregnant this cycle then he is going to start me on some other treatment (clomid I think, can't remember the name). Please pray for me that I am able to get pregnant. My faith has been strengthened through this ordeal as I have learned to trust God with more of my life (this should be the case always, but sometimes we need something like this to open our eyes). I will pray for the rest of you on this site as well. May God bring you the peace and joy you so rightly deserve. God bless and thank you for praying for me.

3-2006 Sandi D. Hi, if you are reading this it is a safe assumption that you or a loved one has endo. I have been dealing with it for 6 years. I have had one lap (stage 2). I am in pain a lot and constantly fatigued. It is effecting my realtionships with family, because it is hard for them to understand. My husband and I also have been dealing with infertility for about 5 years and feel a lot of pressure from my mother in law and my own mom. I would greatly appreciate any prayers and/or support to help me through this very emotional and trying time. Warm wishes, Sandi

3-2006 nuareen  z.

3-2006 Rosangela S.  After all, I need pray to be more and more close to God! Don't forget, Heīs a solution for everything!!!

2-2-2006 Joyce M. Please pray that Karen Lee's Medicaid health insurance will be reinstated.
2-2006 Sarah P. I need prayer for Joy in the Lord through all of this.  I have my heart set on having a child, but I don't want that to be what I seek to give me Joy.  I am quite scared as I've just been diagnosed with endo from a surgery to remove a cyst.  The doctor feels the scarring was the reason for the cysts and for not getting pregnant.  I need prayer for wisdom for myself and for the doctor.  He wants to put me on hormones to make my body think it is in menopause.  I pray that the endo won't get any worse, as I never knew I had it and I am scared at what lies ahead. Thank You for being here.  God Bless You!
2-2006 My name is Jessica. I'm only 15 years old and I was just diagnosed with endometriosis. I had been to the hospital 3 times in the last week and the doctors there had no idea what it could be. All they said was a REALLY bad yeast infection from the medication I was on. But who knew it could cause SEVERE pain like that?! They finally decided that I should go see my moms gyn since I've never been to one before.  I went today and he did an ultrasound and I told him how bad my periods have been.  I always was told that that's just how periods are. I still don't understand Endo too much, but I do know it can cause infertility which scares me to death! Please just pray for me. I have been so healthy my entire life! I don't deserve this!!! I just want to be able to have kids one day.
2-2006 Renee R. Hello, I Have been dealing with endo for the last 2 years. I recently went on Lupron and have not seen a change. I'm very tired and stressed out. The doctors I have been seeing are not understanding how much pain I am in. I was also seen in the ER where I was advised that I have a cyst on each ovary. I knew of the cyst on the right ovary but now I have one on the left ovary which is where all of my pain is. Please pray for me to receive strength to deal with my pain. I have been on medical leave from my job the last 6 weeks. Please pray for my job to understand what I am going through. Please pray that I don't loose my job due to this pain. I am weak and have no energy daily. Thank you!
2-2006 Melissa S.  Please do pray for me--My Husband and I have been dealing with my endo for years, and now we have been trying to have a child for almost 3 years.  We feel so bad about this and want to share the love we have with our children and all the little spirits that heavenly father wants to send to our home. We feel the Savior's love so strongly for our situation, but we feel that any extra prayers on our behalf will help. Thank you so much for this.

1-2006 Kristina K. I'd like to ask for prayers regarding a situation I'm faced with. My Gyn has said twice that I need to have another surgery to remove a fibroid that is pressing on my ovary, and any new endo since my last surgery. One thing is keeping me from having it, I don't have the money to pay for it. I need For God to provide or provide healing. I know He will, but I'm growing weak in this battle fighting with pain everyday. I thank you all for your prayers, and you all are in mine.

1-2006 Mandy R. Hi. I've had endo for the past 3 years and I am going through a really hard time emotionally right now. I was just diagnosed as to having the beginning stages of osteoporosis. I've been on lupron this past round for 6 months, and have just now started add back therapy of progesterone & estrogen. We can't seem to find a combination that works for me. The lupron works great, but the rest is not. So please keep me in your prayers that we will be able to find the right combination of medications to help with the osteoporosis/endo situation.

Dec 2005 Nita Seems like nothing will help. Anything I do just screws something else up. I went to the doctor on Monday and he said surgery again. So I'm scheduled for Dec. 27, @ 7:30 am. This will be my 3rd endo surgery in less than 2 years. This will be a great birthday present if it helps, because relief is all I'm asking for Christmas and my Birthday which is on Christmas. Would you please pray for me. I don't exactly have my chin up right now with being in soo much pain and trying to finish up the semester with school. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get right now.

Dec. 2005 Amy W. Hi ladies!  I'm Amy, wife to Jerome and Mom to Lindsey.  I have been fighting endo for many years now, and am scheduled for my 2nd lap Dec. 30 (the day before my 31st bday!).  I am researching natural remedies, as my doc is pushing Depo Lupron (I refuse!!).  I'd appreciate any prayer, and will lift you all up daily!  Thank you for having me!! Love, Amy

Dec 2005 Kate E. Please pray for my 23 year old daughter Kate. She is having a hard time at the minute. She has so many health problems, I wonder how she gets through each day. Sadly it looks like she may have endo to add to her list. I pray for her to be positive and to believe in herself and with God's guidence he will lead the way. Amen.

Dec 2005 chokkalingam  R. Please pray for me last 2 years im strugling a lot in my life. regards chokk's.

Dec 2005 Alison W. Well, it has been a while since I have left a request, but I am always praying for all of you. I am having a hard time right now. The pain is still with me, and my doctor stopped the Lupron shots because they weren't working. So now I am in the position I was in 6 months ago. I go back to see the doc the 16th of Dec, and he said we need to discuss another surgery. At this point, I want to have another surgery because it seems that was the only thing that actually helped. I just want to feel better, and I keep praying that God will give me healing and comfort. I will continue praying for all of you and please continue to pray for me. Thank you so much.

Dec 2005 Jaime S. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo 2004 Christmas eve when a laparatomy was preformed to remove a 9cm cyst off my left ovary. December 5, 2005, just the other day so to speak I had a laparoscapy to remove 3 cyst off right ovary. The surgery was very extensive. The doc said I was the worst he had seen in in his 15 years. The adhesions were overwhelming, they were even attached to my bowel. I now am supposed to go back to make choices. Either to try dep lupron for 6 months, which I am terrified after reading about side effects or try to get pregnant which I want a baby but doc says probably will only happen with IVF which we can not afford. I used to consider myself a strong Christian, but this evil disease has made me weak and in so much pain that I even have thought of suicide, but could never go through with cause I my love for Christ and my beliefs, but I feel so alone. Please pray for me and if anyone has any advice or wants to talk I am open. I will pray for all on this site. God bless.

Dec. 2005 Tracie M. One thing that I could use prayer for is helping me figure out how the Lord wants to use me.  I feel that I'm not using my gifts and that the Lord would like me to be doing something else, but I just don't know what it is! Thanks!

Dec. 2005 Tammy G.  I am new to this site and am glad that I found it.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis last week.  After reading some of the other prayer requests, I feel blessed because I have very very little pain.  I would like prayer because my husband and I had to get our own insurance and nothing will be covered for my endometriosis for a year.  My doctor says that pregnancy would be the best thing for me.  He feels that because my tubes are clear, I may be able to get pregnant.  My husband and I have been trying to have children for 12 years unsuccessfully.  Pray that God will bless us with children.  I will be praying for all of you and all of the problems that you are facing.  Just remember that God is faithful and He works through the power of prayer!! God Bless You.

11-2005 Laural S. Wow, it's been a year since my prayer request!  I am about 60% improved with the pain caused by the estring.  It had caused very tiny endo lesions on my back muscle to grow very large.  The endo everywhere else has settled down, but the endo on my back can still be felt and causes muscle spasms (usually at night) at around the same time each month and while that ' s happening I STILL have the chemical taste in my mouth.  The chemical taste and the back spasms happen simultaneously!   I am going to give it some more time .  I figure that maybe when the taste goes away the back stuff will cease, sigh.  If I continue to have problems, I may consider seeing Dr. Sinervo in Atlanta.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who have offered up prayers on my behalf and words can' t describe the gratitude I feel for those of you who still will continue to keep me in your prayers.

11-2005 Marita D. I'm 34 married no child yet, pain started when I was 22 yrs. old as early as 1995 ultrasound result was endometriosis. I didn't pay much attention then since dose of mefenamic acid takes away the pain. I got married in 1999, after a year a laparoscopy was done and that started my battle with infertility. The pain is very severe now that sometimes I have to take a leave from work. I also need to take pain reliever every 5 hrs. to keep me through. I want to have a child of my own, but the disease damaged my fallopian tubes. I also have myoma nodules, polyps and adenomyosis. My best chance is to undergo IVF or a reconstructive surgery. Please pray for me. Infertility is taking a toll on our marriage and finances.

11-2005 Dianne G. Please pray for me, I have just come home from surgery where I had to have a hystrometmy and an ovary removed due to the endo., also cysts removed from other ovary and other parts of pelvis. I am struggling to cope with the pain and don't know what to do. At this point im my life the is an emergency. I am a Christian, but at the moment I need help to hold my arms up.

11-2005 Veni T.  Please pray that my situations improves & what ever medication my doctor puts me on must help me to conceive. I pray that the Lord have his hands on all the couples that are trying to conceive.

11-2005 Sue W.  I have recently been diagnosed with severe endometriosis following removal of a very large cyst on one of my ovaries.I was treated for endometriosis 8 yrs ago, but have had no symptoms in the meantime and this is a great shock to me. I met and married my wonderful husband very recently and we were was looking forward to the prospect of starting a family. My consultant advises that the severity of my endometriosis is such that I am unlikely to conceive and the medical treatment he wishes to use will prevent it anyway. We are really struggling to accept this right now.

10-2005 Gita S. I am losing hope.  Please pray for me.  I fear that my Endo has fully returned.  I am desperately trying to conceive and I wonder if it is God's will.  These are the bleakest days I've ever seen.  God Bless you all.

10-2005 Peggy D. I go in for an MRI to get further information on why my Uterus is twice the size it should be, plus on ovarian cyst. I'm also having flu like symptoms, including fatigue, also constant unexplained aching in my upper back area. I'm really scared it could be serious. Please pray that God will have Mercy and let it not be serious.

10-2005 Kami B.  Hi ladies.  I just had another DEXA scan done for my bone loss (at 28 years old) and it doesn't look like the osteopenia has gotten any better.   My hormone blood results came back too, and despite being on CBCPs, my numbers were low and it looks like I'm going into ovarian failure.  I'm having hot flashes, major irritability, fatigue, joint pain from the osteopenia.  I just don't feel too swift, and have been rather bummy.  I'd appreciate your prayers, ladies.Thanks so much.

 10-2005 Stacy C. Hello group! I have been stuggling with switching medications for my endometriosis. I wanted to try natural methods to deal with this but my doctor told me that I need to be on birth control (seasonale) so that I will not get my period anymore. I was on Norethendrone before, but I was starting to get pain after being on it for 2 years. I feel like God is going to heal me of this, but could I have prayers on how to deal with this? Does anyone else take natural suppliments to cope such as MSN, Black Cohosh or Vitex??? Just wondering... God Bless all :)

10-2005 Pam J.  I have suffered from  endometriosis for 18 years- over half of my life.  God has been gracious to bless me with three beautiful children and my husband and I have wanted more.  I just found out that the one ovary that I have left has an endometrioma on it 5cm in size and my doctor wants it removed, and the ovary might have to come out with it.  To complicate matters we have to move to another state in less than a week.  I have to pack, move, find a home, get my children set up in  a new home and town, find a doctor and have surgery!  I am overwhelmed.  Please pray that the details will be worked out.  and that my one remaining ovary would be spared.  We are raising warriors for the Kingdom and want more!  I would like to avoid surgery, but doc didn't feel that was a good option.  Thank you for this site- it gives me great

10-2005 Bonnie T. I'm 18 years old and I'm a senior at CCHS. I found out the I had endo. two years ago. Ive had the surgery and Ive had lupron which was great but now Im with out it and the pain is worse. Ive missed so much school its unreal from the pain. Im asking for your preyer today. I cant work and i have no money coming in. I have three bills to pay everymonth but i cant aford it. hurt everyday but i have to get up and come to school please prey for me. im behind three months on my load payment i need your preyer. thank you

10-2005 Stacie C. I've not been diagnosed with endo, but am searching for answers. I am looking into Adenomyosis which is similiar. Pray for wisdom as this has been the worst year for me. I have ended up needing two tranfusions of two units each, a d&c and been on bcp till sept because I don't feel it is fixing the prob only kind of covering it (except they make me feel bad too). Now, my cycle is starting heavy again and still lots of pain. Next step??? Doc says that bcp are what I need to fix prob - nothing else wrong. Pray for wisdom and direction.

10-2005 I also had surgery with Dr. Albee last October. Unfortunately I was not one of the ones that has a success story. I was painfree for about 5 months, then my endo pain came back and now I am currently on Lupron. Dr. Albee is a great doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. He is very thoughtful and actually cares about his patients. I recovered very quickly from my surgery with him and had hardly any pain at all after surgery. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to help! Mandy

10-2005  I came across this web site about two months ago..I prayed to be lead to someone that could help me.  I was rock bottom that day in pain and suffering.  I came across an e-mail from a woman who went to this doctor in Atlanta.  His name is Dr. Albee.  You all need to find out about his procedure and get it done.  80% of his patients never have to have surgery again nor have to take all of these hormones.  I am now recovering 3 weeks after having my surgery done with him.  He is amazing and so is his staff.  He is a Christian and even prayed with me.  I have felt peace since the day I left his office. His procedure is different than most in the USA but much more comprehensive.   If you want more information, please feel free to e-mail me at,  I pray God would lead all of you to the right person, food, or herb, or whatever it takes for you to be free again to enjoy life.. God Bless, Cynthia  Prayer works and is amazing!

10-2005  I too went to Atlanta and had the lapex surgery.  I had it done at the same center but with another doctor who was on our insurance Dr. Lyons.  I had it done almost a year ago and am amazed at how well it worked.  I was in so much debilitating pain before and now I have my life back.  They are so thorough with finding all the lesions and getting them out completely.  I feel so blessed to have been able to go from Texas to Atlanta (drove) and get this done there.  It was a leap of faith, but I knew and felt God was guiding me there.   Please feel free to email me also  The Center for Womenís Care in Atlanta has been a blessing to many.  In His service, Mindy

10-2005 PRAISE Hillary J.  I wanted to write and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  I am now in my 9th month of pregnancy, and things are going good.  It has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs & fears of losing our baby, but I think we've almost made it now.  It took us 14 months to conceive her due to my endometriosis, but I can say that it will have been worth the wait, tears and pain I've gone through to get to this point.  I love you all and my heart is with you.  Please continue to remember me and pray for a smooth delivery.

 10-2005 Shani F.  HI everyone! So very glad that i found this website! i belong to some other groups, but they are not Christian, and it seems to be very hard to encourage each other without God in it. I would like prayer for direction. I just had a lap 3 weeks ago, and now im seeing the doctor about what to do next. I have been thinking about natural progesterone...i was taking it before, but it didnít really work. So i really donít know what to do. I donít want to take Lupron anymore; I donít see the point in taking it- it doesnít work! So if you could remember to pray for me that would be great. Thanks ladies. -Shani

10-2005 Velindica R.  I am coming asking for prayer. I went to the doctor on last Tuesday and was advised that I may have a fibroid tumor. I have been in pain nonstop. I signed all my paper work for surgery. I have not received a call as of today for the surgery. I'm in so much pain and I don't know what to do. Please pray for me.

10-2005 Hello ladies! I want to ask you to please pray for me. I will be going in for lap surg. in the morning. Please pray for me during this hard time. I will also pray for the members of this site as well.

10-2005 Sharon W. I have just started on injections for endo, the side effects are unbearable. Please pray for me to have the strength to keep going, im so depressed. God bless you.

10-2005 Janae C.  I have had a laporscope and have endo.  The Dr. wants to put me on depo-prevara injections.  I don't want to.  I am considering having my uterus removed and leaving my ovaries. I need wisdom about this decision.  Should I have my ovaries removed too?  Am I making the right choice?

10-2005 Tasha   I have endo and am currently trying to get pregnant for the second time( I have a 2 year old) we have been trying for 1 year.  No luck. I have had 3 surgeries and getting ready to have another ( I had to choose between laprascopic surgery and the lupron treatment).The lupron scares me so much that i decided to have the surgery.  I would like to have one more baby, but it is not going to well.  I am in extreme pain all the time and on lots of pain killers.  So because of all the pain it is hard to even have sex.  Iím about ready to give up, since it is just causing stress and anxiety between me and my husband.  I also day by day have been feeling like less and less of a woman, since i can't concieve and I can't please my husband sexually because of all the pain.  i don't know maybe i'm being selfish, but i don't think that it is fair that i can't concieve when there are other women in the world who have babies and put them in the trash cans or whatever. So if you could please pray for me to get pregnant or even to find a cure for this horrible disease, i would be the happiest woman on this planet. I think I can speak for us all in that we are all sick of feeling this way, and that it is time for a cure or at least some guranteed help. Anyone with any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated, or maybe even a story of your own I could relate to, since i have nobody to talk to about this disease, cause no one understands. thanks so much look forward to hearing your stories and comments.THANKS THANKS THANKS

10-2005 Julie W. Please heavenly father pray for us all. The women who suffer day to day with Endometriosis. We all need the love and support from you as well as our friends and family. Please help us to get through the pain and suffering. Protect us and give us your blessings. Amen

10-2005 Jamie C. I am a Christian and I have endometriosis along with a unicornate uterus. I'm so thankful I found this site. God is so amazing and He helps me get through every day. I couldn't do this without Him!

9-2005 Carrie  H.  I was diagnosed in March with Endo and have been on Lupron ever since. Due to other family medical emergencies, I missed a month of the injection. According to the Doctor I threw my system off. The problem is that I have had a period every month since June and the Doctor doesn't seem to be worried, but I am. If anyone has been through this or has advice for me, that'd be Awesome.

9-2005 Amy H. I have endometrioss just finshed the lupron shots. I was fine on the lupron shots sometimes get sick but fine. Now that i am off it getting sick again , pelvic pain,and nausea, and bad headaches sometimes. I see my doctor monday to talk about having a baby, back on birth controls pills, or have a hysterectomy. I think i had entdometriosis ever since a teenager but found when i got married 2002. I also have cerebral palsy too. I have a little girl that's almost two years old . My husband and I decide to have one more child then have a hysterectomy be done and over with it. I am 34 and tired of all of this. Also wondering on a great book on helping me with endometrioss or on health. My doctor said to lose some weight before i have a baby. I am trying but it is hard sometimes when i get sick it takes my engery away but no excuses. I am a christrian lutheran and glad i found this web site. Can you help me please. God blessings and thanks.

8-2005 Velindica R.  Please pray for me during my struggle with endo. I have been in constant pain for the last few weeks. I received results from my cat-scan today. I was told that I have a small cyst on my right ovary. I don't know how small. I have to go into to my doctor today. Please pray for me to stay strong during this time. I am starting to get very down and no one understands me. I will continue to pray for you also. Thanks!

8-2005 Sarah M. Please pray for my friend Telly, who has liver cancer and has got worse. The Grinch is trying to take her out. It will be a wonderful testimony for this young woman to be healed. Her family is mostly Muslim, but they are desperate enough to let Christians come and pray for her.

8-2005 Lanelle B. Hi, i would like a prayer request to be put in for my mother who will be having surgey in the morning for her endo please pray that she does well in surgey and after thank you.

8-2005 PRAISE  Lynette M. I just wanted to write to let all the women out there that are suffering that I am praying for all of you.  I wrote back in may that I was suffering from Endo & that I was praying for a financial answer so I could have a hysterectomy. I went back in to see my doctor in June & he gave me some good & bad news.  The good news is that at this time the endo has subsided for the time being.  I have had no pain or menstrual problems.  He did tell me that I am suffering from depression which I knew.  All the stress in my life was the cause of that.  The bad news is that he found large breast lumps which explained the severe breast tenderness I was having.  As of yesterday after having another visit with the doctor the breast lumps are reducing & the endo is still under control at this time.  I praise God for this miracle & I am thankful that he was there for me when I changed my diet & excercise.  I really hope that others can be blessed also.  I feel great.  Especially since I have been battling this since I was a teenager & now I am 33.  God Bless.....

8-2005 Mildred P. Dear Lord, I ask You to take charge of my search for work and open all doors necessary for me to get meaningful work that will in turn glorify You and provide me the ability to take care of my family and be ablt to give the tithing to my church. I also ask for all those who are also in search of work to find work will glorify You. Thank You for answering this prayer and providing for me, my loved ones and all those who come to you. I ask all this in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and thank You, O Loving God, in advance for Your help. Amen.

8-2005 Teyshana W. I have endo I got diagonized on july 6 2005 and I am a Christian and I know that prayer can change things and the power of Jesus and the Holy Ghost can overcome any illness, so just pray for me and I will surely pray for all of you everyday. God bless you and keep you.

8-2005 Kendall B. Please pray that God will give my sister in law favor in court this month. Please pray that God will heal and convict her son's heart. Please pray for my sister in law's mother, she needs salvation. Please pray that God will bless me w/a relationship and give me favor concerning this new medication I am taking.

PRAISE 7-2005 Tabitha H.  I still can't believe it...The last time I wrote you all was in December asking for prayer because although I had just finished my 6 months of Lupron, some of the endo symptoms were flaring up. Well, this time, I am just letting you know that I am expecting.  I found out Last Thursday (10 weeks & 3 days) and still can't believe it. I had no clue.  I thought I was just gaining weight as a result of the Lupron. In June, I Gave away over half of my wardrobe because the clothes were getting smaller and I was gaining weight, but all along I was pregnant.  My son just turned 8 years old. We tried to conceive after he turned 5, but the endo said no. So, we gave up on trying and decided to wait.  I didn't plan this pregnancy, but I know it is a gift from God.  Anyway, to those that are trying I just wanted to keep you encouraged.  God is able to do anything but fail. Be blessed!!!!

7-2005 Adaeze O.  Hi All, I am 30 years old and have just been diagnosed with a stage IV endometriosis after a laparoscopy. I am completely devastated because I really want to have a baby. I don't have any children. I need all the encouragement I can get. I have committed my problems into God's hands and pray that he makes a way for me.

7-2005 Vinny - Jesus my Lord my husband has filed for divorce.  I don't know what is going to happen but I believe that whatever will happen will be according to your will and be for the good of all.  Jesus strengthen my faith in you that I might endure.  Help me believe in you and love you more than ever.  Bless my husband and his family and my family who are going through tremendous pain.  Take care of everyone and give us your peace.
7-2005 Alicia M. I was diagnosed with endo about 6 months ago. I have had a lot of pain but more than anything it has caused me tremendous digestive problems. My stomach is so swollen that I can hardly eat. It is swollen all of the time with no breaks, even first thing in the morning. It is so distended that it is hard to breath sometimes. I am also severely constipated. I have tried almost everything. I had a lap done and my doctor said he removed it all but I am still having the same problems. I feel hopeless, it is truly miserable. please pray for me. thank you.

7-2005  LeeAnne P.   8 months post-op.  Will begin injectable fertility treatment as soon as I get my meds and next cycle begins.  Please pray that it is successful.

7-2005 Sherry B. Hello all, This is Sherry B. The surgery went ok in April, but since then my Doc found cancer. I had to have a hysterectomy. It's been about 3 weeks and still pretty sore. I was hurting pretty bad & found out I was bleeding on the inside and had to have stitches replaced. Then, I busted open on the outside. I am requesting pray for strength and understanding cause I've not been able to hide my pain like I once could. I seem hateful and I know I am depressed. I keep telling myself, GOD IS IN CONTROL. Thank you.

7-2005 Janice A Hi, I'm Janice, a 43 year-old mom of three teens, and have been dealing with endo for a very long time.  My doctor has tried several medications, but for one reason or another, none have had much effect.  I am now contemplating the hysterectomy, but need help and prayer in making the decision.

7-2005 Vickie F. I have had two laparoscopies.  My doctor told me that she has no good news for me, I need a hysterectomy.  I am praying for complete healing and deliverance from this disease.  I pray that my endometrioma will shrink and that the fibroid will go down to the size of a pea.  I am 41, single so, I don't know that its God's will that I will be married.  The hope of children is nil at the moment.  People have children up through their mid-forties though, so I want the option if I do get married.  Agree and pray for a miracle for me.

6-2005 Carly S I think I have finally found a good doctor. I have been dealing with the pain for so long. I am 25 years old, I want to have kids someday, but not right now. I hurt all the time, and it's only getting worse. I will pray for all of you out there and I hope you will pray for me.

6-2005 Nesha T. Hi, I am 22 years old and just recently diagnosed with endo. I've experienced intense/unbearable pelvic pain and blood loss since I first got my menstrual cycle at age 11. For three years I've had intense right ovary pain and felt the presence of a lump. I also have gastrointestinal problems and severe chronic fatigue. The pain has now spread to other areas in my abdomen. This illness has taken over my life. At the beginning of my college career, I was an "A" student and a biology major with ambitions of becoming a doctor. Now, I don't know what my future looks like anymore. I'll never survive the rigorous training of medical school as long as I am in this condition. I am soo tired I cannot function anywhere for too long. People say I seem grumpy, defensive, depressed, mean spirited, and just plain ugly. This is not the person that I am inside. I am just in so much pain, and soo exhausted that i cannot produce the energy to hide my pain any longer. The prospect of never being able to have children of my own heritage has become a very devastating reality for me-almost over night. I had no idea the extent of the damage taking place inside my body. I feel helpless and I am constantly being forced to live in the future. And no one seems to understand this illness, they  think its just a case of bad menstrual cramps and an excuse for a not so sunny disposition. I have no health insurance so surgery and other diagnostic/treatment procedures are not an option for me. I have tried Oral contraceptives, the relief is minimal. My pain is only a bit more predictable but not preventable. My faith is diminishing...Nonetheless, please pray for me.

6-2005 mauaujanms k. please pray that god will opening up the flood gates of heaven for me and my family and that god will sending all his best for us. Please pray that god will let good things happen for us in a big and special ways for us. Please pray that god let good and the best news coming our way very soon for me and my family and i am asked god for encouragments for me and Lord i am asked you sending a faithful and hard worker and godly man to come into my life, all in Jesus Christ name amen. thanks yours saints for all the prayers.

6-2005 Amy B. I just wanted to ask for prayer...I am going in on June 23rd for my 3rd laparoscopy and hopefully my new doctor will be able to help better than the last.  He seems wonderful so far.  Please pray that God guides his hands and instruments so everything goes smoothly. Thank you so much!

6-2005 Wendy P.  Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for the women who long for a baby and find it hard to hope for one in the face of this disease.  I know the pain of infertility, and I know the comfort of You.  I ask that they would know that Your are the Rock, and that Your works are perfect, that all Your ways are just; that You are a faithful God who does no wrong, that You are upright and just.

5-2005 Melissa P.  I'm requesting prayer for my surgery this friday, June 3rd. I'm going in for a 2nd lap to look for endo and scar tissue. I want you to pray for God's guidance in the situation and that he'll give the doctors the wisdom and knowledge to find my problem. Also I'd like for you to pray that God sends me peace through it all and the strength to deal with the outcome. Thank you all soo much!!!

5-2005 Annie V.  I suffer from endometriosis since june 2002, had laporoscopic surgery in October 2002, continued with allopathic treatment till Nov 2003 (till doctor dropped my case). Started with Homeopathic treatment in Jan 2004, my body is not found to be receptive to the treatment for nearly 7 months now, also I started developing a fibroid in uterus & low back and knee pains, hence I am unable to proceed with homeopathic treatments. Almost hopeless, I plan to start ayurvedic treatment soon. I am married for five-and-half years, but no kids yet and my husband and myself long to have a child of our own. Please pray that God would heal me.

5-2005 Pamela J. Please pray for my husband and I we would like to have children and I have severe endometriosis.  We are very hopeful that the Lord will bless us... Thanks for your prayers.

5-2005 Michelle B. I had a laporoscopy yesterday. I was diagnosed with endo, had a cyst removed , told my left tube was blocked, endo on both ovaries and on sigmoid colon. I have suffered all my life since first period with pain in stomach, gas , bloat, depression, fatigue , bipolar/mania diagnosed at 29 , hospitalized twice for same, pain in back and pelvis since 19 , see a physical therapist for same, 2 precancerous polyps removed , hiatal hernia, scarring of esophagus diagnosed 1 yr. ago due to acid. Then pain in my chest over heart lasting 2 wks. before surgery and sore throat since leaving hospital, married 7 yrs and never gotten pregnant. Now 34 yrs old and feel like a mess, want to end this! Help!!!!! Amen. Please ask God to help me now! Can't be patient much longer! Is this what has attacked me since 11 and even though I have been to gyno's all my life they just realized this? I also have ovaries and uterus that sit back on my pelvis, out of place. I was told this at 17 and not even given a reason why , and now this! Why? How to cope, get pregnant , adopt?  Please ask God to do something.  Please pray hard for me and my whole life, mentally, emotionally , physically and spiritually to be healed and miracles in every area of my life ! I need them now! Amen. Thank you God and Thank you for reading this and praying for me. You will be blessed! Michelle.

5-12-2005 Kim I. I am having surgery on May 10th. The Dr. said he may have to take out my right ovary, because that one has been damaged by endo. After the surgery my husband and I will try and get pregnant. I pray for a quick recovery and a baby on the way soon.

5-12-2005 Alisha Hello, I am trying to get pregnant and frustrated that it is not happening right away. I know that it can take some time, but I feel my pain slowly coming back. My biggest fear is that I will need to have surgery again. I have been trying natural alternatives for now and I hope to God that it is working. I know fear is not from the Lord, but anyone that has felt this pain knows what it is like physically and emotionally. It scares you. Please pray that I not have this fear and continue to do well. Thank you.

5-12-2005 Christina J.  My name is Christina and I just found out March 24 2005 I have Endometriosis. I knew something was wrong with me at the age of 12. Now i am 21 years old and married.  My doctor won't do a lapascopy on me or surgery cause of my age.She encouraged me to get pregnant but my husband doesn't want kids for 5 years.I have been married only 11 months and i want a baby.I have tried before and couldn't I am so afraid i will never have kids in the future i want to try now just in case it too late. I don't know what to do. I feel alone and no one understands me.

5-12-2005 Anita S.  Hello, this is Anita S, again. Thank-you for your prayers. In June I will be getting a second opinion please keep this in prayer that God will bless and help this doctor. God bless you.

5-1-2005 Amy B.- Hi, I'm 26 and have been living with endo for 12 years.  I am under pain management with my doctor and I'm getting ready to start the endo diet. Please pray that this will help with my agonizing pain. I need all the prayers and support I can get. Thank you!

 4-12-2005 Jennifer A. Please pray for me as I make the biggest decision of my life. I know that all my prayers will be answered by our Lord.

4-12-2005  Roxy V. Hi everybody, I'm 30, and i realized that i had endo since i was a teenager (without knowing it) I had a lap 2 years ago and i'm going to have another one next week. This is hard isn't it? What can I say, we have to keep going, life is beautiful, we have to try everything, but under my experience and reading others i think that acupunture, diet and exercising is the key, So le'ts give it a try girls! Wish you all the best, and Tambien para las personas que hablan espanol que encuentran esta pagina. Dios las bendiga y les de fuerza.

 4-12-2005 Rachel S. I have been experiencing chronic pain for awhile.  I am 21 and very fearful of surgery, being that I have never been in the hospital before. My Dr. said that I may have endo, but she hasn't diagnosed me yet. Please pray for me and an end to my pain. God bless you.


 3-15-2005 Suzanne W. I just recovered from bunion surgery, because my husband and I wanted to start trying to have a baby. Once you have children you can't have bunion surgery and not be able to walk for six weeks. I just turned 24 and today I just found out I have endo. I have had the symptoms for some time now, but no one could figure it out. I am scared and sad right now. Could you please pray for me. Thank you.

3-6-005 Rachel O.  I'm doing ok, but could use some extra prayers right now! My anti-depressant is causing some mental problems, and sometimes I'm not myself at all and its been quite scary! And so starting today I'm starting to wean myself from it and just taking half a pill every day this week. I'm sure just taking half will cause even more mental problems, and I'm pretty scared! I'll go to the hospital if I need too, but hoping to avoid that! I'll be ok though, just could use some prayers! Thank you!

 3-1-2005 Jesusa S.  Please pray for me I am having difficulty dealing with my Endometriosis nad having a whole lot of pain and dealing with some depresion,please pray for my family... Thank you all and May God Bless you all.

2-16-2005 Dianne C. I've been suffering from endo for 2 1/2 years.  I'm in pain and discomfort every single day.  I have been through many tests, that showed nothing wrong.  Finally, my gyn has scheduled a lap for next Friday 2/25.  Please pray that my surgery is a success and I get relief from my symptoms.  Thank you!

1-10-2005 Paige N. Very glad I found this site. I'm 22 and had my last Lupron shot the end of October. Two weeks ago I had a cyst rupture and I've been in constant pain since then. Go to the Dr. tomorrow (again). I don't care if I have to have a hysterectomy, just want the pain to stop.

 1-10-2005 Jen - I have endo and recently got off of Lupron. My husband and I are hoping to get pregnant soon (I had a miscarriage in Sep due to the endo). Please pray for this little miracle for us. We want a baby so badly. We both need strength and patience. It has been hard, cause all 3 of my cousins are pregnant, my sister in law, and 2 friends. Please keep us in your prayers.  

1-7-2005 Esther L. Please pray for me and my husband that we can grow in faith and that he could want to go back to church and that God would bless us with a baby this year, that my husband can have faith in himself and that we can grow together as partners and as lovers. Please pray for us that we can stop being selfish, prideful, jealous and more. Please pray for my family and friends and my husbands family. Thank you, God Bless you.

 1-7-2005 Angela C. I have had endo for 14 years and I feel like giving up everyday from the time I get up until I go to bed and even when I sleep I hurt. I need some advice. It's getting to be too much and I feel like a burden to my family. Please help. Thank you and God Bless.

1-6-2005 Melissa D. I have come off my birth control pill and since then my periods have been worse when I have one. When I did have one while on bcp, it was not one really. I didn't really have one at all. Now I am miserable. I am getting depressed more and trying to give it all to God! Please pray for me!

 1-4-2005 Misty M.  Hi, I am 25 years old and I have known something was the matter with me since I started my periods at the age of 12. Now after all these years, 2 divorces, and too many to count hospitals, doctors, diagnosis, and all these things everyone is telling me, I am just tired. I have no insurance and right now I am in school thanks to my parents and my wonderful boyfriend. No doctors want to even talk to me or look at me for that matter. Thank you for your site and info and please send prayers my way too.

 12-30-2004 Tabitha H. Please pray for me. I finished my 6 months of Lupron depo therapy in October and the pain is slowly coming back.

12-26-2004 Debbie W. Please help me to get beyond this point in my life and to know that I am doing what God wants me to do. My heart is broken and I feel so alone and afraid. Please pray for me. Thank you with all of my heart.

 12-26-2004 Nikkie C. Please pray for me, the pain I am in is horrible. I will be seeing a specialist next week and I am very scared.

 12-2004  Gabrielbeth E. I just wanted to let all of you know that my husband of 5 years, James, died in a car accident on Friday the 10th. was driving from our house in NC to see his brother in Ga. and hit a tractor trailer truck. My kids were in the car and my 18 mos. old son was badly injured. My husband died on the helicopter ride to the hospital. The funeral was yesterday and b/c he was former active duty, current reserve, and a veteran of operation Iraqi freedom he received full military honors. There were even 2 generals there to honor him. it was a wonderful service and very moving, especially the military parts of the viewing and burial. My son was in the ICU at a kid's hospital in Atlanta and was released this morning. He broke both of his legs and required surgery on one of them to place pins in them. He also fractured his skull and had a small fracture on his collarbone. He is uncomfortable most of the time, but is very strong. It is a miracle he survived b/c he was on the driverís side and was ejected from the car. That whole side of the car was crushed. My 4 yr old girl was not injured in the accident. Please pray for my son and for me and my daughter. Itís been tremendously hard for us, my dh was only 29. He was buried on my birthday and Christmas will be so difficult. Thanks for any prayers.

12-01-04 Margaret M.-Let me start by thanking God and all of you who prayed for my husband, boys, and I to have a safe trip and a great new start in Texas.  So far, so good...we had a very safe trip and are doing pretty well so far (other than the stomach flu and my endo pain), so thanks again. My prayer request would be that I can finally find a good decent doctor who believes what I tell them and will do what they can to help me.  I am getting to my wits end and am almost to the point of giving myself a hysterectomy (sad thing is I could probably do about as good a job as some of the docs out there).  Sorry, to be so down, but just dealing with a lot and would appreciate any and all prayers.

 12-05-2004 Abbie L.- Among things that I am thankful for today is knowing how to suffer so that I might help others who suffer. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4) I am able to exercise again without pain on my medicine, and that is such a thing to be thankful for =) Blessings to all of you, and Paige I will be praying for your boyfriend.

 11-23-2004 Susi -  I am going in for my first procedure either Wednesday (November 24) or Saturday.

11-18-2004 Shannon G. I haven been an endo suffer for 8 years. I am 28 and in much pain. Prayer is the Answer and I know God knows how much pain we are all in!

 11-12-2004 Margarette C. Two friends had babies this week, and a new niece or nephew is immanent. I'm really happy for all the new life, but really sad that I never had a child with my husband. I do have a 14 year old, so I can't complain too much, though he'd love a sibling. I've been on Progesterone treatment since September while I wait to see an endo doctor (I live where there's national health, so I'm waiting), but at 43, well, I've finally given up hope. Please keep me in your prayers to keep the selfish tears at bay and for strength to accept what I don't want to accept. I send prayers for you all, too. God bless, Margarette

10-27-2004 Stacie M. - I pray for all of us that have endo that one day soon they will find a cure to this horrible disease and end our suffering.

 10-7-2004 Elaine M. - Hi, I was diagnosed with endometriosis today and am feeling really upset about it. Please include me in your prayers. Thank you.

 10-2-2004 Pam O. - Hi, I'm 33, recently diagnosed. I am trying to find things that will ease the pain. I don't like having to give in to this. I just had to drop an evening college class that I signed up for and was thrilled about going back to school. But, sitting for long periods is excruciating, and going there for 4 hours after sitting at a desk for 9 - I knew it was not going to work. All I ask for is that the diet, exercise changes that I am starting and my new meds (pain killers and seasonale) work so that I CAN start back to school this spring. Thank you all. 

 9-29-04 Rachelle K. - I want a prayer request that someone in my time to find a cure for Endometriosis. I don't want my daughter to go through what I am going through, if she inherits this disease from me.

 9-20-04 Kathleen S.- I have had severe endo for 9 years and have tried many medical procedures, including lap surgery 3 times, birth control pills and lupron shots with no success. I am now trying the holistic approach; have changed my diet and will start acupuncture on 9/21/04. Please pray for me that I can find some relief with acupuncture. Thank you and God Bless.

 9-15-2004 Leslie W. -Please pray for me to make it through the daily pain of endo. 

 9-8-2004 Maria O.-Give them strength oh Lord!

9-4-2004 Terri G.- Healing from endo and finding a good specialist in NY.

9-1-2004 Tifini B. -Hello friends, First giving honor to God, who is the head of my life. I am grateful for this site, not only is it encouraging, but it lets me know that I'm not alone, not that I want to share this grief with anyone, But your thoughts and prayers help. I just ask that you pray for my strength in the Lord and I pray the same for you, God bless, Tiffini.

 8-19-2004 Paige O. -I've known I had endo for 4 years now. I am preparing to have my 2nd lap surgery in the next two weeks. I have a pre-op visit on the 24th. I'm scared but excited all at the same time. I just want the pain to give me a vacation. It gets so bad that I just want to give up. Its times like that I think of the Serenity Prayer. Please give me the courage to keep fighting...

 8-11-2004 Meghan G. -My name is Meghan, and I am relatively new to the club, but I wanted to introduce myself. I am 24 years old, and have been living with endo for almost 9 years. I began to see a gyno when I was about 17 because I had been experiencing terrible menstrual cramps. I was put on birth control pills and told that I could take ibuprofen for pain. As the years went by, the pain got worse. I began missing school and work because I simply could not get out of bed. My gyno at the time basically decided that I had a low tolerance for pain, and would just call me in prescription meds (Darvocet, Tylenol with Codeine, whatever). I was still battling the pain, since I could not possibly take such strong drugs and perform well at work and school. At the beginning of this year, I made a New Year's resolution to get a second opinion. I made an appointment with a gyno that some coworkers recommended, and six weeks later was going in for my first lap. I had endometriosis everywhere (I'm not sure which stage I am). My new gyno has suggested continuous BCP, just to avoid any unnecessary pain. He put me on Seasonale, a relatively new drug, and just has me open a new pack when I am supposed to start my period. I am about halfway through my second pack, and have been bleeding and cramping for close to eight weeks now. My doctor says that my body is just adjusting to the change and that I must continue until I reach the end of the pack (about seven weeks away). I am following orders, but I hate it!! I am SO sick of hurting, and even sicker of bleeding, and there really doesn't seem like there's much I can do. Hopefully some of you have some prayers left for me...

 8-5-2004 Aurora Jane M. - many thanks to you for this 32, have 2 kids.first dx with endo in nov 2001 .already had 2 husband wanted to have another kid since 1999 and we are now thinking of IVF since my fallopian tubes were removed. my latest operation was in may31 2004.i am on lupron now and we only have a month left to decide whether to go for ivf.i sometimes think its selfish because there are lots of women out there who are not even conceiving because of prayer request is to help us discern the voice of the Holy Spirit for God's plan for us. which way to go ...IVF or not?

 8-5-2004 Mindy W.- I am 29 and began having endo symptoms after a miscarriage several years ago. God blessed me with a quick diagnosis (as I understand now many women have to spend years trying to get an answer). The answer has been none the less very difficult to take. I have everything to be happy about. We have a five year old girl named Melody whom now I consider our miracle baby. We have a blessed life. BUT, I also have a lot to be sad and sometimes mad (God forgive me) about (as I am sure you can understand). Well, I had a laparoscopy done in March. My doctor let me put it off for a year, but still treated me for endo. After a year of increasing pain with treatment (natural progesterone, red-wine extract to lower estrogen, essential oils etc...) I said get it out! So I had the surgery. Recovery was a lot harder than expected and to top that off I really didn't get any relief. I have started Chiropractic care and Acupuncture about two months ago. Even the acupuncturists are perplexed. So here I am today asking for prayers. I am going to go back to the Gyn. today hopefully to communicate my frustration and get some answers. My prayer request can be summed up as needing the Holy Spirit to guide the communication and direction that I need to take. Also pray that the things that really matter can take the spotlight in my thinking and not have endo as the center stage. Thank you so much for having this prayer club! I found it today when I needed it most. God has a way of always showing me He is still there for me. I say that we all say a prayer of thanks to God for allowing us to come together. I really feel better knowing that people who understand the pain can hear me out and I them.  Romans 8:28  

 7-30-2004 Hello!  I do not have endo, but I wanted to let you all know that I am and will be praying for you: that God will heal you; that He will ease your suffering; that you will receive sound and helpful medical advice, that your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will be sustaining and unparalleled, and that you will let your light shine before men that they will see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) Yours in Christ, Wendy

 7-22-04 Tia N.- Please pray for me, my family, and my boyfriend for having patience with me and this illness.

 7-20-2004 Tish L.-Hi there! It's nice to know that I am not alone although I am feeling that way right now. Please pray that I might get some answers soon. I have seen 9 doctors and tried so many treatments: 10-12 birth control pill, then depo-provera, now depo-lupron monthly shots with 10mg of agestin daily and 0.3mg of premarin. They can't stop the heavy bleeding. I just want to give up. All I want to do is be a normal 22 year old and enjoy what's left of my college life. It's hard enough juggling school and work....I can't take this anymore. Thanks.

 7-09-2004 Lisa L.-My name is Lisa and I have had endo for going on 20 yrs. and I am only 28 yrs old.  I have delt off and on with it for years but over the past few years it has gotten so much worse, right now I am in so much pain, day to day things are getting to be too much for me to do, and itís becoming so depressing. I have three children, 8, 5 and 15 months, and I want to be a happy healthy mom, not a sick, miserable mom that can't play with her children. I guess my prayer request would be, I need strength to get through the rough days, patience to handle my children when I am in severe pain, and hope that someday I will be better, thank you so much, my prayers go out to those of you suffering with this as well, God bless

 7-06-2004 Nichole D.-I have recently been diagnosed with endo after suffering with it for about 10 years. I am scheduled for surgery on July 22 and am a little apprehensive. Your thoughts and prayers for a successful procedure would bring much comfort. Thank you and I will continue to pray for all of you who are also suffering from this disease. Let us also pray for our friends and family that they be understanding, patient, loving and supportive and that they have the strength to help us through these difficult times.


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