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This was written I think in August 2004 as I was talking on the forum- by Lori

I guess the new term for it is PMDD or something like that. I have suffered greatly with this for 20 years. It was not so bad when I was in my 20's but got worse with time.

 Fortunately I am a sane person, because I was on the edge!! many, many times. I learned to recognize the feelings and at least was able to know that I was not crazy, that it was just hormones, but those hormones surged through my body like I was plugged into a light socket!! I am not joking,it was horror and 8 days of it which subsided immediatly when I started bleeding. With the naturopathic vitamins and more, I am so much better (see the natural treatment page). I still hate it! but am down to hours of it in a day or two before my period. Yes that is not bad at all,  but still I am not myself and that is the part I hate. I am depressed, angry, so touchy and I cannot stand any noise. I basically hate the world and all in it. This is not me ok-I have a sunny outlook normally and am a very up, optimistic person. Yesterday those few hours were torture for me and my poor husband!, we went out to eat and all I could see were clouds and despair all around me. Funny how after I ate I felt so much better and it subsided, so definately has to do with my adrenal glands and the hypoglycemia also which the hormones mess with. I am so happy to be rid of it today . Just thought I would tell you about it in case some others have been like me. It seems I do not find any of my friends with it like I do, yes they may be a bit grumpy but I am talking about a complete personality change. I hated myself those hours yesterday could not even stand to be in my skin-well I guess you get the drift. Isn't it amazing what hormones can do? I do have some homeopathic drops to treat it, but did not have it in my purse, as usual.
I love life today!

I get the drops from the Dr. It is homeopathic called Passiflora Plex. I assume it contains passion flower -a calming herb. It takes the edge off, but does not make me completely happy. Along with eating a good meal, it does certainly help though. PMS is a hormonal imbalance-too much estrogen!, so it will get better with time if it is treated as this. For instance mine used to start 8 days before my period and now I am down to 2 bad days, but not the entire day. As I said it used to be so much worse, so I am hopeful it will get even better. As far as dealing with it in situations, I just tell people around me I HAVE PMS! so please do not take serious anything I say that is out to character...this does help, as then I feel I am not responsible for it anymore.

I am copying my favorite PMS story here that happened years ago in hopes to make you laugh.
Ask my husband about the time we went to a rock concert the NIGHT BEFORE MY PERIOD. I felt awful & thought a glass of wine would help-BIG mistake.
He was holding my hand so lovingly he thought. But in my mind he was holding my hand out of obligation and I did not think he was holding it the correct way, he was holding it way too lightly for my satisfaction, just barely holding on.  

In the middle of the concert, I took his hand and brought it back, got a little swing to it and flipped it up in the air!!!!I hated the way he was holding my hand!!! He looked at me like I was crazy. Well I think I was partly was out of my hormonal mind.
 This is also the night he says I hissed at him. I started screaming at him how he was a horrible husband.....well actually their was nothing he had done wrong except to hold my hand the INCORRECT WAY.
 My husband will never forget that night for the rest of his life!! He thought I was possessed or something. Many more crazy nights, always the night before my period- really started 8 days before my period but peaked then. Immediatly when I started bleeding the emotional part was over.

 That is also the hard part-recognizing that it is PMS, so it is really good to chart it, even though you do not even want to be thinking about it. It took me a while to recognize it as PMS and not INSANITY, as so many times the night before my period I would have these thoughts that I was losing it. My husband started to recognize it after so many fights for unexplained reasons, but of course he could not convince me that it was pms. During those times, I was fully convinced that I hated him, that he was a horrible husband, sometimes I would still tell my husband "No it is not PMS", not exactly in those words as you can only imagine and as my husband was completely shocked at my behaviour. I cannot tell you all of it.  By the way, I have a wonderful husband!! All he did wrong was walk through the door.

It is much better and easier to cope with when you know it is hormones and that it will pass. I find I just need to sleep it off, go to bed early, drink a LOT of chamomile tea and use those drops, well pray for it to end also. I could write an entire chapter about PMS so I had better go know.

Since my naturopath has been helping to balance my hormones, I have not had ANY PMS for 2 months. YEAH !
Ok that is somewhat of a miracle. You can ask my husband about how relieved he is about not having to deal with this anymore. I am very relieved, I have so much more Joy in my life.

I do want to mention this:  When I became a christian, PMS was still VERY, VERY hard to deal with, but before I was a christian, IT WAS TORTURE.

11-19-2004 My friend was recently asking me about the difference in PMS and hypoglycemia symptoms, here is some of what I wrote to her:

They are so different!!
Please note these were my symptoms, yours may vary.

Hormonal Symptoms:

-Always timed 8 days before period & never after period.

-surge then it went lower grade for a week & then peaked again the night before period. I almost always cried the night before my period started and then when I would start I would think" well no wonder" and be so happy that I was not crazy and then apologize profusely to my husband for all the blame put on him.

 -huge anxiety like I wanted to jump out of my skin, rage, scream and lash out but somehow I could control myself but would have to think about it constantly.

-felt swelling in my entire body & my body was so sensitive to touch,like I would burst open if I was touched too hard. Do Not touch me-yuk! felt like there was something surging through my veins-hot feeling.

-Crazy thoughts with depression, even thought about not wanting to live anymore in this dark world when I was happy the prior day and was a happy person...

-Greasy face and pimples at the same time it all started.

 There was not another time that I would feel this way during the month ever but did anticipate the event each month.

-Woken up in the middle of the night many times with nightmares, different than a depression because of something that happened, there was no absolute reason that I could ever pinpoint to why I was upset, but I would find reasons to blame it on.

Praise God! Those days are over, I am starting my period tomorrow and feel great!
I do not need st john's wort or the drops anymore. I sleep wonderfully! No more nightmares.

Ok, I just spoke too soon, the day I wrote this, It was the day before my period. That night, I had about an hour of horrible PMS again. An  hour is not bad at all, but my heart was beating wildly, I felt the surge, felt nausea and just swollen and very sick. I did not have any of the emotional part but the physical was bad. I was out of the drops, but my husband had some for his blood pressure - 5 drops under the tongue did the trick. I just needed to calm my body. I really think that I have had it to the extreme all these years because of the hypoglycemia,  adrenal gland problem and also it feels like the endo swells then. A little more improvements needed...

The hormonal surge would also be helped by food intake/I think my blood sugar would just normally stay lower at this time.

-Tired, shakey, pooped out, nauseas, relieved by eating a good meal after 15 mins.
-Not depressed but had the panic feeling, felt as if I would collapse faint & die but not long lasting like above, more out of it-spacey.
-Woke up in the middle of the night if I ate carbs or sugar before bed, or if I ate dinner too early like 5:00 pm & no snack afterwards. Nightmares.
 -A fainting sick dizzy feeling.
-Could not think straight.
Chromium picolonate has helped me greatly after about a month-200 mcg morning & nite and also the wonderful endo diet.

About PMS- I am saying to you boldly. please you do not have to suffer! and you do not have to control this with anti-depressants...get your hormones balanced naturally! a naturopathic Dr. or an herbal Dr. can help with this wonderfully. It may take a few months, perhaps even 6 months depending on how bad off you are, but it is certainly something that these Drs. have experience with. It is especially important to find one who specializes in women's this will help the endo greatly also.


Here are some more things that have helped me:

Check out evening primrose oil-
I take 4000 mg per day everyday, but you may need more than this ok, see a naturopathic Dr.!
10 deep breaths:
concentrate on breathing only.
Bible Study/Prayer: m
y Peace!!
Chamomile Tea: m
ake it strong.
Do Something:
I have found doing nothing or lying in bed does not do the trick, take a walk or get to work even though it is the last thing on your mind. Get your mind off it. Find something constructive to do. I worked on this  website when I was depressed, it did me a world of good and hopefully it helps  you.
St. Johns Wort: Do not use it with any other anti-depressants, consult with your Dr. it can interact with some medications.
Call a Friend:
can get your mind of it for a while, so good to talk to someone.
B vitamins: calming
Praise Music:
Put on some earphones, with some great uplifting praise music, this can do wonders!
Homeopathic Drops: work great from my naturopathic Dr.
Natural Progesterone Cream-did not cure it but certainly took a BIG, BIG edge off. Note: I was not using the cream during the above story. I have only been using it about 3 years. Helps to balance the estrogen dominance.
Go off in a room by yourself or take a hot bath. Their is no need to make everyone else around you miserable.
Eat a good Meal. Hormones mess with blood sugar.
DO NOT DRINK COFFEE OR ALCOHOL: this makes it so much worse.

anything else to clear out the excess estrogen-see the endo diet and the natural treatments page.
Chastree Berry (Vitex) I take this for the endo also, it helps to balance hormones so this is probably what is working for the PMS also, besides the cream.

 Blessings to you!

Progesterone cream Lori uses. See natural treatment page for more info.

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