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Need Help for Pain? Some Natural Remedies:

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We all know about pain killers, but here are some other ideas also:

A heating Pad has helped me tremendously, after about an hour, it really seems to do the trick. I alternate the placement of it from my pelvic area to my lower back.

For PREVENTION I cannot say enough about Natural Progesterone cream-took 80% of my cramps away years ago-it took about a month for it to start working for me. For me sometimes I have no cramps at all & other months when I miss doses, I do have cramps. As of 2005 with: the endo diet, non-toxic remedies, and supplements, I am 100% pain free(see those pages ok)

May sound weird, but I get my hand weights out & do tripep & bicep curls, this seems to take the pain way from the pelvis to the arms, helps a bit.

For many, many years the bathtub was my friend, we spent so much time together! Epson salts added to the hot bath relaxes & soothes, add a drop of Lavendar oil to relax. A friend just gave me an aromatherapy bath set, add herbs & bath oil- very soothing for the nerves.

This is amazing to me! I would be in bed miserable & the neighborhood needy abused(another story) kids would come by for comfort, food.....well somehow I would get out of bed & help them, forgetting all about myself & never felt any cramps/misery for myself in the midst of comforting them. Find someone else to help!

Strong Chamomile Tea-anti-inflammatory & calms the nerves.

Of course Prayer & listening to soothing  spiritual music with the headphones.

I never wanted company at this time, but when someone did drop by (hopefully a close friend so you can veg out) it helped to take my mind off it a bit.

I have heard castor oil packs help (health food store) see endo-natural chat site.

In the car is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!a trip home from Vegas, a 4 hour trip I remember so well, focus*focus on an object on the dashboard.

My current Naturopath Dr. told me about the herb crampbark, which she says works very well.

Thermacare Heat Patches.


If possible,try to consume yourself in a fun craft, do anything to get your mind off of them, although laying in bed is the only thing possible sometimes.

A Hot water bottle

Herbal Remedies:

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The pain associated with Endometriosis is the most difficult symptom to cope with for most women. For many, the pain they suffer interferes with every day life. It can be constant or it can be cyclical and coincide with a woman’s period.

What is causing your pain?
In addition to pain during menstruation, the pain of Endometriosis can occur at other times of the month, or for other physical or chemical reasons. There can be pain with ovulation, pain associated with adhesions, pain caused by inflammation in the pelvic cavity, pain during bowel movements, with urination, during general bodily movement i.e. exercise, pain from standing, and the final insult, pain with intercourse. But the most desperate pain is usually with menstruation and many women dread having their periods.

Emotional Pain
There is also the addition of emotional pain; the emotional distress caused by this disease and the emotional pain that many people do not take a woman’s Endometriosis pain seriously. The problem is that it is invisible. No-one can physically see what is wrong with you. On the outside you look perfectly normal. All these things simply build layer after layer of distress and misery. This is the reality for probably millions of women around the world today. And yet most of modern society views the idea of women’s pelvic pain as normal. NORMAL!!! That would be as insulting as saying that asthma is normal in children.

Normal or Suspicious Pain!
The fact that society in general views pelvic pain as normal means that women themselves also believe that their pain is normal. This is why it takes so long for some women to realise that something is actually wrong. They may start to discuss and compare their menstrual pain with other women and gradually they realise that the amount of pain they feel is not normal.

So if you are a woman reading this with a suspicion that you may have Endometriosis because of the amount of pain you suffer with your periods, you are well advised to get this checked out.

Location of Pain
Nearly all women with Endometriosis pain experience it in the pelvic area. The pain is often severe cramping that occurs on both sides of the pelvis, radiating to the lower back and rectal area and even down the legs.

Occasionally pain may also occur in other regions. Implants can also occur in the bladder (although rare) and cause pain and even bleeding during urination. Endometriosis can invade the intestine and cause painful bowel movements or diarrhea. Large cysts can rupture and cause very severe pain at any time in various locations.

Severity of Pain
The severity of pain also varies widely and is not related to the extent of the disease. A woman can have very small or few implants and have severe pain, while those with extensive Endometriosis may have very few signs and not suffer much pain. There is no logic as to how severe the pain of Endometriosis will be, but on the whole this disease causes a lot of pain for most women.

Help with managing your pain
There are options available for the management of pain for women who have Endometriosis. These can include a variety of drug treatments as well as natural remedies, diet changes and supplements. Drug treatment is not the best option for pain relief because of the long term side-effects. The two pain relief drugs that are used most commonly for the pain of Endometriosis are:

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
These are a class of drugs which are designed to relieve pain as well as reduce inflammation. These drugs may vary in degrees of analgesic versus anti-inflammatory activity. This means that one drug may have a great deal of anti-inflammatory but little in the way of pain reduction, whereas another drug may primarily be a painkiller with little ability to reduce inflammation.

There are many versions of these drugs which are available both by prescription and over the counter. Aspirin is a common NSAID; others include ibuprofen, naproxen, ketoprofen, all of which are sold under a trade name, so ask your pharmacist for advice. These drugs block the prostaglandins which are inflammatory factors strongly associated with Endometriosis and which increase uterine contractions and cause cramping and pain.

Please note: Drugs containing codeine should not generally be used for Endometriosis pain management. They can cause pelvic congestion and constipation, which could exacerbate symptoms.

Supplements for Pain Relief
Many women have found that various natural remedies help with their pain, which are safe. These may include vitamin and mineral supplements, herbs and diet changes.

Evening Primrose oil has had good results for many women both for Endometriosis and PMS. It contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid known as gamma linolenic acid, which seems to block the releases of cytokines and prostaglandins, substances that are manufactured by the endometrium and are involved in uterine muscle contraction and cramping. Foods that contain gamma linolenic acid are black currant oil and cold-water fish.

There are many changes you can make in your diet that will improve symptoms and in turn will improve the pain. This includes an array of supplements and herbs which will help to cleans your system, boost your immune system, increase your energy and improve your overall health.

Alternative Treatments for Pain

T.E.N.S for pain relief
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a drug-free method of pain relief that has been used to treat a wide variety of muscle and joint problems, as well as many other painful conditions. TENS uses electrical impulses to stimulate the nerve endings at or near the site of pain, diminishing the pain and replacing it with a tingling or massage-like sensation.

TENS can be used in a health-care setting, but most often people use it at home, by purchasing their own equipment. It is a safe, non invasive, drug-free medically proven method of pain management.

The symptoms of pain and its psychological effects can be helped by complementary approaches.

Studies have shown that massage can alleviate muscle pain and tissue-injury pain. The considerable psychological effects of massage may also be useful for persistent pain.

Some essential oils are said to stimulate endorphin production and, when used with massage, to encourage relaxation. The stress and anxiety caused by long-term pain, can cause the muscles to become tense. This may accentuate the perception of pain, creating a self-perpetuating downward spiral. So the use of aromatherapy can help to break the cycle caused by long-term pain.

Acupuncture is said to work partly by stimulating the release of endorphins and prostaglandin-suppressing corticosteroid hormones. The insertion of needles in appropriate acupoints may also help relieve anxiety and depression associated with persistent pain.

This is quite a new product to come on the market, which is produced for the relief of menstrual cramps. Menastil is the trade name for this product, which is receiving a lot of good feed-back for the relief of pain associated with Endometriosis.

Menastil is topically-applied (applied to the skin), using a roll-on applicator. Many women have noted how fast and effective it is at relieving their pain and cramps. It is a homeopathic preparation and is available without prescription. The active ingredient is Calendula oil, which is effective as a topical analgesic and for pain relief.

Menastil works by inhibiting the pain signals as they travel from one nerve cell to another. The junction, where these nerve cells connect with each other, is called a synapse. When applied topically, at the location of the pain, Menastil causes the endings of the nerve cells to retreat from each other and retract towards the cell body. This results in a reduction of the intensity of these impulses travelling to the brain and therefore a lessening in the amount of discomfort that is being registered by the brain.

Endorphins are nature’s pain killers. DL-Phenylealanine (DLPA) does not actually block the pain itself. It works instead by protecting the body’s naturally produced pain killing endorphins (the body’s morphine), effectively extending their life span in the nervous system. It slows the activity of "enzyme chewing" enzymes which destroy endorphins thereby giving them more time to act on areas of pain.

It helps the body to heal itself and working through the brain DLPA can also relieve some of the symptoms of other diseases. It is a powerful antidepressant and in clinical studies has been proven to be as effective as commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs - without the drugs’ side effects. DLPA can also relieve symptoms of PMS and has had great success with deal with the pain of Endometriosis.

Arnica Gel and Cream
Arnica is a homeopathic remedy, taken internally and used for bruises, wounds, sprains, injury, as well as for tiredness after prolonged exertion. Arnica is also used in a skin preparation for the above, and is effective for pain relief. You could experiment with both.

MSM for pain relief
MSM supplement for pain relief and aid healing - Methyl Sulphonyl Methane is the full name of this natural compound. The common name for this compound is Sulphur.

MSM can help relieve pain in a variety of ways. It blocks pain messages that travel to the brain along nonmyelinated nerve fibre called C fibres. This results in relief of the deep aching pain that is characteristic of chronic conditions like Endometriosis.

But MSM alleviates pain in other ways as well. It reduces the swelling and heat associated with inflammation, which in turn, relieves pressure on surrounding nerves and other tissues. It also relieves muscle spasm.

MSM goes beyond mere pain relief to actually support healing of injured tissues by increasing blood flow. It also alters the cross-linkages of collagen, reducing scar tissue to promote range of motion and flexibility

Probably the last thing on a woman’s mind regarding help with her pain is to do exercise, but it does help. This happens because when we exercise the body produces chemicals in the brain called endorphins. Endorphins actually bring pain relief and they will surge round the body, thereby easing the pain of Endometriosis. The compounds found in endorphins are of similar structure and mimic the effects of morphine, a powerful narcotic pain reliever. Ten minutes of moderate exercise is all the body needs to start producing these safe pain relievers.

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Progesterone cream Lori uses. See natural treatment page for more info.

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