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90 Day Adventure...Reading the New Testament

Please read more about this adventure here that many of us endo sisters will be doing.
Girls who have signed up:
Nikkie, Brandie, Jill Mary, Abbie, Robin, Anne, Wendy,
Miriam, Mom, Stephanie, Ashley, Lori, Sarah D,
Cheena, Emmy, Batgirl, Anita, Kathy,
Margaret, Beautiful in Christ. Suzanne
New group started October 2005
Sonya, Krisi, Suzanne, Shani, Andrea, Tinklebel, Lori, Amy, Sherry
We are behind in our reading, but no hurry to finish, so come and join us!

Feel free to come together on the forum for questions, concerns or just to let us know you are here. If you are new to this, do not be intimidated!! You are not expected to understand all. In the beginning, I understood so little.. The Word of God is no ordinary book!!   Dear Heavenly Father, Open our hearts to you, show us your will for our lives, create in us a passion for your word. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Beginning Readers Bible Questions. After this one, ask me and I will put up a chronic illness one.
Print out this page-you may have to use landscape form.
O-check off as you finish 
  Chapters to read.   - Say Hi on the forum!  
Optional questions for thoughts, discussion or journaling. 
Day 1 O Matthew 1-4  
What did you learn about about Jesus that you did not know before?
Has Jesus called you to follow him(see verse 4:19)?

Day 2 O  Matthew 5-6 
Can you possibly do all of these laws or rules talked about here?? Lori can't!
Who came to fulfill the Law -The 10 commandments & more...? (5:17)   ahhhh better now!

Day 3 O  Matthew  7-9 
What does it mean to believe in Jesus?
Who forgives sin? (9:6)

Day 4 O Matthew 10-11
What does it mean to accept Jesus and follow him?
Are you tired/weary?   
What did Jesus say about it? (11:28-30)

 Day 5 Matthew 12-13
What does Jesus say about a tree and fruit?  (12:33-37)
Who does Jesus refer to as his mother and brothers? (12:46-50)

Day 6 O Matthew 14-16
   Jesus walked on water. (14:25) Do you believe he is God?
What does the phrase"take up His cross"mean to you? (16:24-26)

Day 7 O  Matthew 17-19
What did Jesus say about forgiveness?  (18:21-35)
What keeps the young man from having eternal life? (19:16-24)
What things in your life are holding you back from following Christ wholeheartedly?

Day 8 O  Matthew 20-21   
Do you have to "believe" before God can answer your prayers? (21:21-22) (for more detail on this, please see the "about prayer" page on the website.) Look up the greek word for believe "Pisteuo" which is not head knowledge belief, but commitment, entrusting with the heart.
Day 9 O Matthew 22-23
When people do not believe Jesus and accept him, how does it make him feel?
What IS the greatest commandment?(22:37-38)

Day 10 O Matthew 24-25
Reflect-Why doesn't Jesus tell us when He will return? (24:36-51)
What does Jesus want us to do with the talents and abilities he has given us? (25:14-30)

Day 11 O Matthew 26
Why did Jesus die?(26:54...) What did Jesus ask the Father? (26:39) 
What was Jesus response? (26:42)

Day 12 O Matthew 27-28
What did Jesus do when accusations were made against Him?( 27:12)
Who saw Jesus after he was raised from the dead?(28:1-20)

Day 13 O Mark 1-3
What did John the baptist preach? (1:1-4)
How did Jesus chose his disciples?(1:16-20)

Day 14 O Mark 4-5
The seed is the word of God(4:14).  Are you letting the seed grow?(4:8)
Is it unfruitful or multiplying(4:19-20)
The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few!!(see Matthew 9:37) Will you be a worker?

Day 15 O Mark 6-7   
Who were in Jesus earthly family? (Mark 6:3)
Did they believe in him at this point?(Mark 6:

Day 16 O Mark 8-9
What can Jesus do when we give him our little? (Mark 8:1-10)
What did Jesus teach about hell? (9:48-49)

Day 17 O Mark 10-11
Does the size of your faith matter? (11:22-23)
What does Jesus tell us about prayer in 11:25?

Day 18 O Mark 12-13
Jesus is coming again. What are the signs of the last days? (13:7-31)

Day 19 O  Mark 14
What happened to Jesus on his last day on earth? (all of 14&15)
What two things are we to do so we will not fall into temptation? (14:37-38)

Day 20 Mark 15-16
What made the centurion say "Truly this man was the son of God"? (15:39)
Do you believe that Jesus died to pay for your sins?
Day 21 O Luke 1-2
The gospel of Luke was written in consecutive order so that you will know the exact truth...What did you learn about the the birth of Jesus?

 Day 22 O Luke 3-4   
Are you being tempted in your life? How did Jesus handle temptation?(4:1-13) 

 Day 23 O Luke 5-6
Has God asked you to do something that does not make sense?
When Simon Peter obeyed, what happened? (5:5)
Who are blessed according to Jesus? (6:20-22)

 Day 24 O Luke 7-8
Was there anything too hard for Jesus? (all of 7&8)
Why did the woman "who had lived a sinful life" love Jesus so deeply? (7:41-47)

 Day 25 O Luke 9-10
Would you ask God to open your eyes so he can show you his Glory?
What do you think Jesus felt when He heard the disciples argument?(9:46-48)
 Day 26 O Luke 11-12
If you seek, and knock, what will Jesus do? (11:9-13)
Day 27 O Luke 13-15   Did you know that there is a party in heaven when you accept Jesus as your Savior?    (15:7 & 15:10)

Day 28 O Luke 16-18 
What was the difference between the rich man and Lazarus? (16:19-31)
Have you thanked God for something he has done for you today? (17:17)

Day 29 O Luke 19-20    
Why did Jesus come? (19:9-10)
What moves Jesus to TEARS? (19:41)

Day 30 O Luke 21-22
What are you to remember when you take communion? (22:19&20)
When you fail in life, you can return to Jesus and he will accept you back. How did Peter fail? What did Jesus tell him he would do? (22:54-62)

 Day 31 O Luke 23-24
What did Jesus do for one of the thieves on the cross? (23:40-43)
Jesus was raised from the dead. What were the things he taught his disciples before he went to heaven? (24:44-49)

Day 32 O John 1-3
The Word in the first part of John refers to Jesus. Jesus was God, but He became?(1:14)
Who becomes "The children of God"(John 1:12-13)
What did Jesus say is necessary to enter the kingdom of God(heaven)? ( 3:3)
Day 33 O John 4-5
Jesus was able to tell the samaritan woman about her life. (4:5-26)
Do you know that Jesus knows all about your life also?
What did Jesus do with the boy's lunch when he was willing to give it to Jesus? (6:1-14)

Day 34 O John 6-7
Who has the words of eternal life? (6:61-69)
The___gives life, the ___counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are___ and they are ____ Read 6:63 & fill in the blanks. 
Day 35 O John 8-9
How do you become free from sin? Who can set you free? (8:31-36)
What did you learn from the healing of the blind man? (9:1-14)
Day 36 O John 10-11
Jesus is the good shepherd. What does He do for His sheep? (10:1-30)
How did Jesus show His love for Mary, Martha and Lazarus? (11:1-44)
Day 37 O John 12-13
Why did Jesus wash the disciples feet? (13:1-17)
What was the commandment Jesus gave his disciples? (13:31-35)
Day 38 O John 14-16
There is only ONE WAY to be saved. What did Jesus say is the way? (14:6)
Apart from the power of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to be a Christian...What will Jesus give us after we accept Him? (14:16-17)
Day 39 O John 17-18
What did Peter do the night they arrested Jesus? (18:15-18)
Day 40 O John 19-20
What did Jesus go through because we have all sinned and need a Savior? (19:1-30)
What is the written about the entire purpose? (20:31)
Day 41 O John 21-Acts 2
How did Jesus return to Heaven? (1:9-11)
Have you asked Christ to come into your life?
Notice how they became Christians in the book of Acts: The Gospel message was heard, it was believed, the people repented of their sins and as a result of all of this, they were baptized.
 Day 42 O Acts 3-5
How did God use Peter in the life of the lame man? (3:1-11)
Did Peter keep quiet about Jesus? What did he say healed the lame man (3:16)
 Day 43 O Acts 6-8
Hallelluia-You have made it this far, Lori is so proud of you! Will you let me know you are here?
Please pray for the site, pray for Lori to have wisdom from God on how to run the site, pray for all the endo sufferers and also everyone doing this study to draw closer to Christ. Blessings to You!
 Day 44 O Acts 9-10
Saul is Paul. His name was changed later, What happened to Saul when Jesus got a hold of his life?(9:1-31)
God begins to use people who are not Jewish. Did you know that everyone who is not Jewish is a gentile?
Day 45 O Acts 11-13
What new name was given to the true believers in Jesus?(11:26)

Day 46 O Acts 14-16
The things required to be saved is to invite Jesus into your life, repent of your sins and follow Him. When people tried to add more things, what were they told? (15:6-11)
Is fortune telling Wrong?(16:16-18)

 Day 47 O Acts 17-19
What did the Berean's do? (Acts 17:11-12)
What did the people of Athens call religion?(17:19-20)
Who did Paul teach them about?(17:24)
What event caused the ones who practiced magic to change?(19:11-19)

 Day 48 O Acts 20-21
What happened to the young man who fell asleep?(20:9)
Where did Paul go even when he knew that he would suffer because of his witness for Jesus?(21:11-14)
Day 49 O Acts 22-24
What was Paul's testimony?
How many times did Paul get to share it?
 Day 50 O Acts 25-26
What was the reaction of Agrippa and Festus to Paul's testimony?
Day 51 O Acts 27-28
How did Paul deal with the storm?(27:1-5)
How did God use Paul on Malta?(28:1-10)
Where did Paul finally end his Journey?(Rome 28:18)
Day 52 O Romans 1-3
What things does God consider ungodly?
Can you do all of these laws? Break one and you are a sinner(3:23) but!-
What is the gift Jesus died to give us?(3:24)
Day 53 O Romans 4-7
What wage do you earn when you sin?(6:23 spiritual death, seperation from God)
How much does eternal life cost? (6:23)
Day 54 O Romans 8-10
Can we be separated from God' love if we are His? (8:38-39)
When you accept Jesus as Savior, the Holy Spirit comes and lives within you. Do you know that He can pray for you when you are so distressed that you don't know what to say? (8:26-27)
 Day 55 O Romans 11-14
What are the behaviors that please God? (12:19-21) As we become new people in Jesus Christ, what does it say about our relation to the world? (Romans 12:2)
Did you know that everyone will stand before God and will be judged by Him?(14:10-12)
 Day 56 O Romans 15 - 1 Corinthians 1
When you stand before God, what things will you brag about? What excuses will you use?
Can you tell anything that He doesn't already know?

Day 57 O 1 Corinthians 2 - 1 Corinthians 6
Do you want to miss the things in 1 Corinthians 2:9? The believer in Jesus as Savior has some great things to look forward to. After you have accepted Jesus as Savior, chapters 3-6 tells you how to live.
Why do some people read the Bible and get nothing out of it? (2:14)
Day 58 O 1 Corinthians 7-9
Did you know that others are watching your life? (ok Anne some of these are convicting to me!!!!!)  What actions are most important to God? 
How many God's are there? (8:6)
Day 59 O 1 Corinthians 10-12
We are not to worship other God's (Idols-anything that comes before God) chapter 10.
What are we remembering when we take communion?(11:23-30)
Are there times when it is better not to take it?(11:27-29)
Day 60 O 1 Corinthians 13-15
Describe God's love.(chapter 13) Can you have this love without Jesus in your life?
Day 61 O 1 Corinthians 16 -2 Corinthians 4.
When someone gives you comfort, what should you do with it? (2 cor. 1:4) Do you smell like life or death? (2:12-17) Oh MY!
Day 62 O 2 Corinthians 5-8
Do you have things in your past that you would like to forget and erase? Do you know what Jesus does that when you accept Him as Savior? (5:17) All things become _____? Thank You Lord for that!
Day 63 O 2 Corinthians 9-12
Have you asked God to remove something from your life? What was God's response to Paul when he asked?(12:8)

Day 64 O 2 Corinthians 13-Galatians 3
Do you believe what God is telling you in the Bible? Do you have faith in Jesus instead of relying on the works of the law?(Gal. 2:16-20) How are we justified(made right with God)?(Gal. 2:16 & 3:24)
Day 65 O Galatians 4-Ephesians 1
What deeds of the flesh should be avoided? What is the fruit of the Holy Spirit like? (5:16-26)

Day 66 O Ephesians 2-5
Is there any way to earn salvation? We are saved by grace through what Jesus did on the cross. Have you accepted this FREE gift?(2:8-10)
Day 67 O Ephesians 6-Philippians 3
Do you have all the pieces of the armor of God? What weapons should we use to fight satan and his temptations? (Eph. 6:13-18) 
 Everyone will bow before Jesus.(Ph. 2:10) 
Will you be bowing willingly or will you be forced to?
Whose Name is above every Name?(Ph. 2:9)
Day 68 O Philippians 4-Colossians 2
Is your name written in the Lamb's book of life? (Phil. 4:3)
How do you get knowledge and understanding? (Col. 2:2-3)
Day 69 O Colossians 3-1 Thessalonians 3
Do you have the characteristics of Christ in Col. 3?  Jesus is coming again. Are you ready for Jesus?

Day 70 O 1 Thessalonians 4 - 2 Thes. 3
1 Thes. 4:13-18 talks about the coming of Jesus for everyone who has been born again.
Will you be there? Have you invited Christ into your life?
Day 71 O 1 Timothy 1-5
Who has the only hope for the hopeless? Why did Jesus come into the world?(2:3-6)

Day 72 O 1 Timothy 6-2 Timothy 3
Who inspired the Bible?(2 Tim. 3:16) 
List all the things scripture is useful for. (2 Tim. 3:15-17)

Day 73 O 2 Timothy 4-Titus-Philemon
Can God lie?(Titus 1:2) Do you believe what He says?
Can any deeds save us?(Titus 3:4-7)
Day 74 O Hebrews 1-5
How does Jesus act as our High Priest?(3:1 & 3:18-19 & 4:15-16 & 7:25 & 9:11-14 & 10:19) Thank you Jesus!!! What is the word of God used for? (4:12)

Day 75 O Hebrews 6-9
After Jesus rose from the dead, where did He go? What is he doing for us there?

Day 76 O Hebrews 10-11 What happens if you reject salvation through accepting Jesus?(10:29-31) What is faith?(11:1 & 11:6) The Bible tells us to not forsake_______(Hebrews 10:25)
You need the encouragement of other Christians & the teaching of God's word.

Day 77 O Hebrews 12-James 1
Why does God disciple His children?(Heb.12:10-11) Are you content with what you have?(Heb.13:5) Where does testing fit into your life?(James 1:2-4 & 12)

Day 78 O James 2-5

What is the difference between world wisdom and God wisdom? (3:15-18) How can we resist the devil?(4:6-8)

Day79 O 1 Peter 1-3
What do we obtain when we accept Jesus?(1:3-5) What are the qualities of a Godly life? (3:4, 3: 8-9. 3:15)

Day 80 O 1 Peter 4  -  2 Peter 2
Jesus is coming again, so how should we act?(1 Peter 4:7-11 & 5:6-9) Does God want everyone to be saved?(2 Peter 3:9)

Day 81 O 2 Peter 3  -  1 John 2
Can you have fellowship with God if you are sinning?(1 John1:5-10) What do you need to do?(1 John 1:9)

Day 82 O 1 John 3-5
What has Jesus done to the works of satan?(3:8) How do you know if you have eternal life?(5:11-12) What will happen if we keep abiding in Jesus?(1 John 3:6)

Day 83 O 2 John - 3 John - Revelation 1
Is mercy and sharing the gospel related?(Jude 20-23) Why study or read Revelations?(Rev. 1:3) What was John's response when He saw Jesus in heaven?(Rev. 1:17)

Day 84 O Revelation 2-3
What can we learn from the seven churches? List the good and the bad about each one?

Day 85 O Revelation 4-6
The saints of the church age are at rest in Heaven. What are they doing?(4:10-11) Who was the only one able to open the book?(5:5)

Day 86 O Revelation 7-11
144,000 Jews believe that Jesus is Messiah. How many are saved by their preaching?(7:9)

Day 87 O Revelation 12-14
The woman is Israel. The male child is Jesus. Why is satan so mad?(12:9-11) What happens to the believers(saints) who will Not accept the mark of the beast(666)?(13:7)
Day 88 O Revelation 15-17
Trumpet #7 is divided into 7 bowl judgements, "in them the wrath of God is finished" These are more severe. What % is destroyed?(Ch. 16) Did the unbelievers repent and turn to God?(16:11)

 Day 89 O Revelation 18-19
Jesus is the Bridegroom. The believers(saints in heaven) are the bride. What are they doing?(19:9) What happens to the beast and false prophet?(19:20)

 Day 90 O Revelation 20-22
Where does Jesus put satan and for how long?(20:2). Who is judged at the great throne judgement? What 2 books are used?  Who gets to spend eternity in heaven?

Is your name in the Lamb's Book of Life? It is the heart that matters....A suggested prayer to ask Him into your life.
Heavenly Father in heaven,
I come to you in the name of Jesus. I confess that I have not lived my life for You, but I am glad to know I can change that. I have decided to accept and believe that Jesus is Your Son, and that He died on the cross and rose again from the dead, so I can have eternal life and the blessings of life now. Jesus come into my heart, be my Savior, be my Lord. From this day forward, and to the best of my ability, I will live my life for you. I turn from my sins and turn to you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

questions by Anne & a few by Lori
For those who would like to do further studies, look up greek words, is a source.

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90 Day Reading Schedule

Jan 10   Matthew 1-4
Jan 11   Matthew 5-6
Jan 12   Matthew 7-9
Jan 13   Matthew 10-11
Jan 14   Matthew 12-13
Jan 15   Matthew 14-16
Jan 16   Matthew 17-19
Jan 17   Matthew 20-21
Jan 18   Matthew 22-23
Jan 19   Matthew 24-25
Jan 20   Matthew 26
Jan 21   Matthew 27-28
Jan 22   Mark 1-3
Jan 23   Mark 4-5
Jan 24   Mark 6-7
Jan 25   Mark 8-9
Jan 26   Mark 10-11
Jan 27   Mark 12-13
Jan 28   Mark 14
Jan 29   Mark 15-16
Jan 30   Luke 1-2
Jan 31   Luke 3-4
Feb. 1   Luke 5-6
Feb 2    Luke 7-8
Feb 3    Luke 9-10
Feb 4    Luke 11-12
Feb 5    Luke 13-15
Feb 6    Luke 16-18
Feb 7    Luke 19-20
Feb 8    Luke 21-22
Feb 9    Luke 23-24
Feb 10     John 1-3
Feb 11     John 4-5
Feb 12     John 6-7
Feb 13     John 8-9
Feb 14     John 10-11
Feb 15     John 12-13
Feb 16     John 14-16
Feb 17     John 17-18
Feb 18     John 19-20
Feb 19     John 21-Acts 2
Feb 20     Acts 3-5
Feb 21     Acts 6-8
Feb 22     Acts 9-10
Feb 23     Acts 11-13
Feb 24     Acts 14-16
Feb 25     Acts 17-19
Feb 26     Acts 20-21
Feb 27     Acts 22-24
Feb 28     Acts 25-26
March 1   Acts 27-28
March 2   Romans 1-3
March 3   Romans 4-7
March 4   Romans 8-10
March 5   Romans 11-14
March 6   Romans 15 - 1 Corinthians 1
March 7     1 Corinthians 2-6
March 8     1 Corinthians 7-9
March 9     1 Corinthians 10-12
March 10   1 Corinthians 13-15
March 11   1 Corinthians 16 - 2 Corinthians 4
March 12   2 Corinthians 5-8
March 13   2 Corinthians 9-12
March 14   2 Corinthians 13 - Galatians 3
March 15   Galatians 4 - Ephesians 1
March 16   Ephesians 2-5
March 17   Ephesians 6 - Phillipians 3
March 18   Phillipians 4- Colossians 2
March 19   Colossians 3 - 1 Thessalonians 3
March 20   1 Thessalonians 4 - 2 Thessalonians 3
March 21   1 Timothy 1-5
March 22   1 Timothy 6 - 2 Timothy 3
March 23   2 Timothy 4 - Titus - Philemon
March 24   Hebrews 1-5
March 25   Hebrews 6-9
March 26   Hebrews 10-11
March 27   Hebrews 12 - James 1
March 28   James 2-5
March 29   1 Peter 1-3
March 30   1 Peter 4 - 2 Peter 2
March 31   2 Peter 3 - 1 John 2
April 1       1 John 3-5
April 2       2 John - 3 John - Revelation 1
April 3       Revelation 2-3
April 4       Revelation 4-6
April 5       Revelation 7-11
April 6       Revelation 12-14
April 7       Revelation 15-17
April 8       Revelation 18-19
April 9       Revelation 20-22
Reflect on the 90 Day Adventure.
What was your greatest Joy? Surprise? How did God speak to You personally?
Has anything in your life changed as a result of it?
If you would like to let me - Lori know, please write to me personally or on the forum. I think it would be really cool to post some of your responses and feelings about it here....

A CRASH COURSE! Read and believe...

1. Two Weeks on Becoming a Christian
Day 1 Genesis 3: The first sin creates a need.
Day 2 Isaiah 52: Salvation prophesied.
Day 3 Isaiah 53: The role of the suffering servant.
Day 4 Luke 15: Three stories about God's love.
Day 5 John 3: Jesus explains "born again."
Day 6 John 10: The good shepherd.
Day 7 Acts 8: Conversions spread outside the Jews.
Day 8 Acts 26: Paul testifies of his conversion before a king.
Day 9 Romans 3: God's provision for sin.
Day 10 Romans 5: Peace with God.
Day 11 Galatians 3: Salvation unavailable by obeying the law.
Day 12 Ephesians 2: New life in Christ.
Day 13 1 Peter 1: Future rewards of salvation.
Day 14 2 Peter 1: Making your salvation sure.

Here is another quick explanation from Billy Graham, click here:

more coming soon

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